The Spice Depot, Inc.

The Spice Depot, Inc.

November 22, 2008 06:00 ET

Spice Guys Talk Turkey About Thanksgiving

Last minute guy tips for surviving and thriving this super sports weekend

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--(Marketwire - Nov. 22, 2008) -


Footballers and sports nuts of all stripes may be well advised to heed the advice of some seasoned spice guys this holiday season.

Apparently the best recipe for not only surviving the hectic holidays but thriving during one of the most important sporting weekends of the year, boasts feature ingredients that even the least kitchen proficient footballer can negotiate - and happily.

The spice guys are seasoned (no pun intended) foodies who, as we head into the holiday season - a.k.a. game-after-game-after-game season - are only too happy to share their Touchdown Turkey recipe and a few tongue-in-cheek holiday survival tips sure to keep husbands out of the dog house and bachelors at the top of the most wanted list.

One trip to the mini mall, a little advance planning and some genuine gestures of thanksgiving to those who traditionally take on the majority of holiday shopping and entertaining, is all it takes to clear the conscience and the schedule for day-after-day of relatively guilt-free sporting bliss.

"Our advice to gentlemen sports fans of all ages this holiday season is to spice things up a little at home. Take a little initiative and earn enough goodwill to last way beyond play-offs," says Spice Depot President New Product Development, Danny Ferraro. "It is way more fun and easier than one would think."

"All you need is a little planning plus a fresh turkey and trimmings, some sea salt, fresh flowers, cloth napkins, two spice blends, some Champagne or dry sparkling wine, two votive candles and some genuine and authentic gestures of thanksgiving. "Pre-blended spice grinders make food seasoning quick and uncomplicated, and two savory flavor combinations are ideal for the holidays - just grind as you go." The spice guys' Touchdown Turkey recipe and a few basics tips keep the long holiday weekend fun, entertaining, sporty and delicious for everyone involved.

Tip #1: There are few problems that a long bath, fresh flowers, a massage and Champagne won't solve.

Tip #2: Keep it simple, inexpensive and all natural.

Tip #3: Always use real cloth napkins and decorate with flowers.

Tip #4: Applies equally to spouses, significant others, and most major holidays.

"The tug for so many of us fellows right about now is that holiday season is also football and hockey season and that very often means an inequitable division of labor. Not to worry though as we've got some fun and rewarding ways to turn the table so to speak, show some initiative and make sure everybody gets what they need and deserve during the holidays."

For the full Touchdown Turkey recipe including a quick and easy one-stop shopping list, step-by-step instructions, fun sidebar advice and great holiday food and wine pairing suggestions, plus other recipes visit the Spice Depot website at Images relating to this article are available for download.

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