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July 01, 2009 02:00 ET

Spider mite trial data update

                            Eden Research plc ("Eden" or "the Company")

                                   Spider Mite Trial Data Update

Eden is pleased to announce the first results from its series of field trials conducted by Anadiag
S.R.L looking at control of spider mite (Tetranychus urticae) in protected vegetable crops in
Southern Europe. This pest causes millions of dollars of lost crops every year.

Following application, the leading Eden encapsulated terpene product gave similar levels of
control of spider mite compared to the commercial standard product used in the trials. Eden will
commence registration trials later in 2009 with the objective of developing a product to control
this very damaging pest in high value protected vegetable crops such as Tomato, Cucumber and

For trial data results please visit http://www.edenresearch.co.uk/html/products/trial-data/spider-

Tim Griffiths the Chief Executive of Eden Research plc said:-

"These are important results as they confirm the efficacy of the Eden product in this complex and
valuable market. To reduce insect resistance, predatory beneficial insects are often used in
glasshouse production but the damaging effects from synthetic compounds generally means that
integrated programmes cannot always be implemented.

Eden's leading compounds have shown good efficacy against a range of mites species whilst being
well tolerated by the other beneficial insects used in such integrated programmes. Further trials
will be undertaken later this year."

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