Splash: An introvert's guide to being seen, heard & remembered

January 14, 2010 14:56 ET

Splash launches new website – with a twist

Introvert’s guide to being seen, heard and remembered goes global

Attention: Assignment Editor, Books Editor, Business/Financial Editor, Lifestyle Editor, News Editor MILTON, ONTARIO, MEDIA RELEASE--(Marketwire - Jan. 14, 2010) - Released just over seven weeks ago, Splash, an introvert's guide to being seen, heard and remembered, has just launched their new website www.make-a-splash.ca.

Splash, is a book written to provide introverts a pathway to take control of their lives, learn new habits, and choose behaviours that move them toward their life goals. After only their second week, Splash grabbed The Globe and Mail's # 2 spot as best selling business book and has unwittingly become a resource for managers and top executives.

Through their newly launched website, Splash has made information about introverts, for introverts, more accessible.

"As an introvert myself, I found that there was a lack of information in the business marketplace designed to help even the most successful introvert reach their personal and professional best," says Carole Cameron, Director of Creative Performance Solutions. "As a Human Resource Management, Training and Development, and Performance Consultant, I spent years researching this subject - launching www.make-a-splash.ca makes the informative insights and tips that I've learned accessible to a wider audience."

On this site there are answers to commonly asked questions that will challenge previously held perceptions and understanding of introverts. For instance, one question asks if there's a difference between being shy and being introverted.

There are also informative articles and personal success stories that will encourage introverts to implement new strategies and exercises that can lead to personal growth. And for the individual who is trying to communicate with introverts, it provides insights that help you to connect.

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