Spokeman Tour for Childhood Cancer

Spokeman Tour for Childhood Cancer

June 03, 2007 13:00 ET

Spokeman Gives Voice to 10,000 Cancer Kids Looking for a Month to Call Their Own

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - June 3, 2007) -

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Flanked by cancer-fighting children who presented him with tokens of their lives and battle against cancer, 18 year old Tim Harriman dipped the wheels of his bike into the waters of the Pacific and hit the road bound for Newfoundland which he hopes to make by August 24.

Cycling from one end of the country to the other, Harriman will visit as many cancer-fighting kids as he can, collecting their cards, mementos, works of art and messages about their experiences. He plans to present these messages to the Prime Minister on behalf of all of Canada's cancer kids.

Harriman's Spokeman Tour for Childhood Cancer makes good on a promise the Calgary native made himself and his family a few short years ago as he battled the cancer that ravaged his body.

Harriman has two goals:

1. He would like to help cancer fighting kids get September proclaimed Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in Canada as it is elsewhere, including in the US. He has started an online petition which is accessible at www.spokemantour.com.

2. He would like to raise $100,000 for the Childhood Cancer Foundation, which is the only national charity dedicated entirely to fighting childhood cancer in Canada. He had raised $30,000 for the charity before he'd even hit the road.

All told, Harriman's cross country trip will take a total of approximately 83 days, span 7738 kms, and will consist of an estimated 412 hrs of riding. Harriman will visit with as many cancer kids as possible including at a number of pediatric oncology centers and will also visit with non hospitalized cancer-fighting kids as he goes. Additional Information about Harriman's trip can be found at www.spokemantour.com.

Cancer is by far the leading disease cause of death for our precious Canadian children.

The causes of childhood cancers are in most cases unknown and the types of cancers that occur in children vary greatly from those seen in adults. They tend to occur in different parts of the body, they look different under the microscope and they respond differently to treatment. The immaturity of children's organ systems often has important treatment implications. Leukemia, brain and other nervous system tumours, lymphomas (lymph node cancers), bone cancers, soft tissue sarcomas, kidney cancers, eye cancers, and adrenal gland cancers are the most common cancers of children. Cure rates for children are much higher than for most adult cancers with more than 75% of all children now being completely cured.

But if you're a parent of a child with cancer, a 75% cure rate is not good enough.

While Canadians have always generously funded research into adult cancers, childhood cancer, with its special need for research, treatment regimens, and family support programs rarely receives the degree of attention that it deserves.

The Childhood Cancer Foundation Canada was founded in 1987, and is the only national charity dedicated entirely to fighting childhood cancer in Canada. The Foundation funds research, provides support programs, and advocates for children and their families who are affected by cancer. It has an alliance with the Council of Canadian Paediatric Hematology/Oncology Directors, representing all 17 children's hospitals and cancer treatment centres across Canada. Through this unique partnership, the Foundation directly funds nationwide childhood cancer research and supports clinical trials provided in Canada through the US-based Children's Oncology Group.

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