SOURCE: Spoken Translation, Inc.

July 27, 2005 10:14 ET

Spoken Translation, Inc. to Unveil World's First System for Interactive Speech-to-Speech and Text-to-Speech Translation at SpeechTek 2005

Company Will Debut Converser™ for Healthcare, Deploying Groundbreaking New Technology Enabling Real Time Conversations Between English-Only and Spanish-Only Speakers

BERKELEY, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 27, 2005 -- Spoken Translation, Inc. (STI) will be showcasing the world's first system for interactive speech-to-speech and text-to-speech translation at SpeechTek 2005, August 1st through August 4th, at the Marriott Marquis in New York City ( STI's first vertical application of its Converser™ system, Converser for Healthcare, allows people who don't speak the same language to hold wide-ranging health-related conversations in real time, without a human interpreter.

Until now, there has been no simple, private, reliable, and inexpensive way to initiate a cross-lingual conversation 24/7. STI Founder and CEO Dr. Mark Seligman says, "Converser represents an exciting breakthrough for both the speech and translation industries: multimodal interpreting systems can improve communications not only for healthcare, but in customer service, business-to-business, education, diplomacy, government activities, personal relationships, and in many other areas." Robert Aiudi, STI's business development and sales leader, adds, "While Converser cannot and should not always replace human interpreters, the system does provide significant value propositions, including reduced interpreting costs, 24/7 accessibility to interpreting services, protection of privacy, transcript generation, and verifiability."

What is an interactive speech-to-speech/multimodal translation system? It's software (running on a Tablet PC, Laptop, etc.) with which you can speak into a microphone in one language and then hear the computer pronounce a translated version in another language -- a version you're confident is accurate, since you've been able to monitor and correct its progress at several stages. Converser also enables communication through multiple modes of data entry: in addition to speech recognition, you can also use handwriting recognition technology, touch-screen keyboards, or standard keyboards. Behind the scenes, multiple technologies work together; speech recognition, machine translation, text-to-speech, and STI's unique user interfaces are tightly integrated with proprietary word and phrase databases. The proprietary system automatically provides specially controlled re-translations, or "back-translations," of input sentences, lending confidence that the translation says what you mean. And if speech recognition or translation errors are found, they can be easily corrected via unique Speech Cues™ and Meaning Cues™ technology.

About Spoken Translation, Inc. Spoken Translation, Inc. ( creates groundbreaking software systems for real-time cross-lingual communication. Its mission is to enable wide-ranging conversations across language barriers by building intuitive software solutions that combine automatic translation, speech recognition, speech synthesis, and its own proprietary technology. STI's flagship product, Converser for Healthcare, is the world's first software system for translation of wide-ranging spoken, typed, or handwritten conversations between speakers of English and Spanish. Users can monitor and correct input and translation errors for increased accuracy and confidence. Additional languages will become available in 2006.

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