January 18, 2008 10:32 ET Provides Fun, Safe and Easy Group Communication Online

SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwire - January 18, 2008) - (pronounced "spoked") is a new website that provides a fun, safe and easy way to communicate with groups online. Friends, families, classmates or any other group can create a "Hub" and share news and photos in a private, friendly environment.

"Spokt is my favorite way to stay in touch with my family," says Michelle Weeks (21) of Wellsville, Utah. "We don't even bother with email anymore. Even though members of my family live far away, Spokt makes us feel like we're all in the same room. We're sharing stories and photos and everyone is having a great time with it."

"Email is boring. Try Spokt and you'll see what I mean," says Ron Adair Jr., co-founder of "The people who try it love it. We're getting people who are switching over from FaceBook and MyFamily and they're telling us it's fun. We're hearing a lot of buzz from our users that it's their favorite way to stay in touch with their family and friends online."

Logan Dowell (28) of Dallas, Texas, said, "We tried MyFamily and my mom couldn't figure it out. Now we're on Spokt and my mom uses it every day."

Unlike sites such as MySpace and Facebook, is completely private. Spokt users invite friends or family to be members of online groups called Hubs. Each member of the Hub can post news and pictures that the other members of that Hub can see. Only individuals invited to be a part of a Hub can participate in the conversations. The site is secure so people who aren't invited into your Hub can't find your conversations. In less than one minute, a new user can create a Hub and start inviting friends or family to join in.

Shauna Murphy of Simi Valley, California, mother of two teenagers, said, "I've been scared to use other social networking sites because I know there are ways for people to find my information. With Spokt I feel safe sharing conversations online with the people most important to me. I'm also more comfortable with my teenagers using Spokt because I know it's a safe environment for them."

"Spokt is about the group instead of the individual," says co-creator Dan Hixon of Santa Barbara, California. "We believe we have created the most enjoyable way for people to stay in touch with those they really care about. We've kept the site simple enough for anyone to use and we've gotten a great response from our users." was receiving over 4,000 visits per day by the end of its first month. "Spokt has grown very fast without any advertising," says Hixon. "I receive comments almost every day about how people have gotten their friends and families involved with Spokt and loved it."

Hixon says, "MySpace and Facebook focus on the individual while Spokt is great at bringing the whole group together." provides free Hubs to anyone wanting to try out the service. Free Hubs include 150MB of storage for sharing conversations and images on the Hub. Paid Hubs start at $49.95, are free from advertising, and currently provide up to 15GB of space to store more photos and keep a larger history online.

"Spokt is getting better every day," says Hixon. "Our goal is to keep Spokt as simple, user-friendly and safe as possible, so everyone can enjoy staying in touch online."

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