January 19, 2007 06:02 ET

Spot the Big Brother Bully in your Workplace

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 19, 2007) - Amicus union says there are Shilpas in workplaces right across the country being victimised and bullied. The only difference is their ordeal can't be seen by millions.
Here are ten pointers to help you spot the Jade in your workplace.

- Bullies may use terror tactics, open aggression, threats, shouting, abuse, and obscenities towards their target
- Bullies may subject their target to constant humiliation or ridicule, belittling their efforts, often in front of others
- Bullies may subject their target to excessive supervision, monitoring everything they do and being excessively critical about minor things
- Bullies may take the credit for other people's work but never take the blame when things go wrong
- Bullies may constantly override the person's authority
- Bullies may remove whole areas of work responsibility from the person, reducing their job to routine tasks that are well below their skills and capabilities
- Bullies may set the person what they know to be impossible objectives, or constantly change the work remit without telling the person, and then criticise or reprimand the person for not meeting their demands
- Bullies may ostracise and marginalise their target, dealing with the person only through a third party, excluding the person from discussions, decisions etc
- Bullies may spread malicious rumours about the individual
- Bullies may refuse reasonable requests for leave, training etc, or block a person's promotion.

Amicus Anti Bully coordinator, Mandy Telford says,

"Bullying is not just confined to the Big Brother Household it 's a widespread and serious problem and one which none of us can afford to ignore.

If you witness someone being bullied in the workplace - speak out about it and give them the support that they need. It is rare for a bully to pick on just one person in the office, helping that individual means you are helping everyone in your workplace.

If you are being bullied, talk to someone about it. Being a member of a trade union is very important throughout this process. Most importantly don't suffer in silence, get it stopped"

The Amicus has launched a DTI funded project to address the serious issue of bullying in the workplace which is estimated to cost UK employers over £2 billion a year in sick pay, staff turnover and loss of production.

The union has a new website for advice on how to deal with bullying in the workplace. Here you can find out everything about Dignity at Work and bullying, such as information about the project, advice and support for victims, and details about joining us in the partnership.


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