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April 24, 2008 11:59 ET

Spring and Summer Tailgating Season Gets in Full-Swing Across the Country as Millions Enjoy Cuisine by the Car

LazyMan Apparel Offers Tips for Novice and Experienced Tailgaters Alike

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - April 24, 2008) - Find the cooler and clean the hibachi, tailgate season is in full swing! As the nice weather begins to crawl across the country, tailgaters are coming out in full force and recent surveys show that tailgating is more popular than ever before.

The folks at LazyMan, a manufacturer of comfort apparel and accessories for men, offer these tips to help you get the most out of tailgating season:

1.  Hold your ground: Get to your destination early to get a prime spot.
    If possible, look for a place near grass or the end of an aisle to give
    you all the room you need and easy access to bathrooms and trash
    containers.  Plus, you'll have time to enjoy your meal before game

2.  Spice it up: Don't limit your menu to burgers and hot dogs. Try to take
    it up a notch and bring something interesting.  You'll find that it's
    not as much work as you think, and you'll impress your family and
    friends with more than just the basics.

3.  Keep it clean: Be prepared to clean up from your tailgate.  Bring paper
    towels or wipes for hands and a trash bag to get rid of it all.  Latex
    gloves are also helpful for removing the "ewww" from clean-up time.  If
    you have to take your trash with you, make sure not to dispose of
    liquids in your trash bag; it could puncture and get all over your car.
    Dump all liquids out first.

4.  Mind the weather: You never know how the weather will turn.  Even if it
    is a beautiful, warm, sunny day, still bring jackets and blankets for
    later.  It's hard to have a good time if you're cold or wet.

5.  Pack smart: Pack all of your items in the reverse order you will be
    consuming them.  This way, snacks and appetizers will be on the top for
    easy access, followed by your meal and dessert.  You're life will be a
    lot easier if you don't have to turn your cooler upside down.

6.  Make sure you have everything before you leave: Santa Claus isn't the
    only one who should check his list twice.  Make a list, and then check
    everything off AFTER you have loaded it into your car.

7.  Little things mean a lot: Forgetting to bring a bottle opener, serving
    utensils or a wine opener can sure interfere with even the most
    well-planned tailgates.  Take a minute to look at the food and
    beverages you have packed and think of what "tools" you will need to
    have a pleasurable dining experience.  It is usually the small but
    essential items that people forget.

8.  Don't be shy: Go out and meet your neighbors. You're all there for the
    same reason; enjoying the company of others is what tailgating is all

According to a recent survey of tailgaters conducted by

--  60 percent are between the ages of 25 and 44;
--  79 percent are men;
--  58 percent have a college degree and 14 percent have completed a
    graduate program;
--  44 percent said that they shop for tailgating food and supplies with
    their spouse;
--  41 percent spend more than $500 a season on tailgating food and
--  95 percent cook their food at the tailgate, with only 5 percent
    preferring to bring fast or prepared food;
--  59 percent use a combination of grills, stoves and smokers to cook
    their food, while 39 percent prefer just a grill;
--  47 percent tailgate 6-10 times per year, 27 percent tailgate 2-5 times
    per year, 15 percent tailgate 11-15 times per year and 7 percent tailgate
    just once a year;
--  50 percent get to the tailgate 3-4 hours before the event starts, 28
    percent arrive 5-6 hours before, 15 percent arrive more than 7 hours prior
    and 7 percent get there 1-2 hours beforehand.

The LazyMan brand was founded in 2008 based on the spirit, camaraderie and carefree attitude of tailgating. An American tradition for generations, tailgating has evolved into a traveling neighborhood block party and a coveted break from everyday stress. It is enjoyed by blue and white collar men alike, with no boundaries between them. After the initial product rollout, the company will be expanding its line of apparel, including button-down shirts, pants and outerwear. LazyMan Inc. was started with the mission of "providing comfort to those who can afford it and giving comfort to those who need it the most." The company supports several charities for underprivileged adults and children throughout the greater Los Angeles area. LazyMan Inc. is based in Los Angeles, CA. More information can be found at

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