November 08, 2007 10:30 ET

Stablcor Inc. Enters Into New Licensing Agreement With DDi

COSTA MESA, CA--(Marketwire - November 8, 2007) - Stablcor Incorporated, a leading provider of technologically advanced carbon composite laminates, today announced that it has signed a new licensing agreement with Anaheim, CA-based DDi Corporation (NASDAQ: DDIC). DDi, one of the industry's leading manufacturers of cutting-edge circuit board technology, has assisted thousands of electronics companies to develop more than 100,000 new products.

DDi's new agreement with Stablcor eliminates end-product royalties, which were charged to the fabricator before the product could be shipped to the end user. The new licensing policy is being introduced to qualified fabricators to transition STABLCOR® from a specialty material to a general build-up material for use in PCB structures.

"We are excited to renew our relationship with Stablcor under its new terms and conditions," stated Raj Kumar, Vice President of Product Development for DDi. "Stablcor's products provide an elegant solution that helps to overcome various design and manufacturing challenges such as in-plane CTE mismatch between the PCB and semi-conductor devices, shock and vibration during a products life cycle and heat dissipation in the X/Y plane. Our new license agreement with Stablcor furthers DDi's continual commitment to providing our customers with leading-edge technology solutions."

"DDi is one of our oldest and most respected customers," commented Stablcor President Douglas J. Tullio. "Since licensing Stablcor's technology in May 2004, DDi has built the largest array of PCBs utilizing carbon composite laminates in the industry. The combination of customer creativity, DDi's industry knowledge, and our STABLCOR technology has assisted dozens of electronics companies in the development of innovative, lightweight PCB technologies with the required rigidity, controlled CTE, and the ability to overcome thermal challenges. With its large nationwide sales and marketing team, DDi represents significant potential to us through its use of our STABLCOR technology," added Tullio.

"It is always exciting to have a company with DDi's experience and reputation as a part of our technology supply chain," said Stablcor CTO Kris Vasoya. "DDi is widely recognized as a technologically advanced PCB manufacturer, and their team is not only familiar with our technology, but has the experience to pioneer a wide variety of PCB designs using STABLCOR. This expertise has the potential to provide DDi with expanded market share, especially within the demanding military/aerospace market."

PCBs manufactured using STABLCOR as one or multiple cores will act as a heat spreader, which substantially increases thermal conductivity, provides improved rigidity without increasing the weight of the board, and decreases temperatures in lead-free assemblies. In addition to the improved CTE and thermal management, PCBs manufactured with Stablcor's licensed technology exhibit the following characteristics: less than 50 percent Z-axis expansion, when compared to boards using Thermount materials, and exhibit no moisture absorption issues.

About Stablcor Incorporated.

Stablcor is the only provider of a thermally and electrically conductive carbon composite material which, when incorporated in printed circuit boards and substrates, controls heat, thermal expansion and increases the rigidity and strength of circuit boards without increasing the weight. The patented laminate and the processes to incorporate STABLCOR® into circuit boards and substrates provide the electronics industry a cost efficient technology to produce smaller electronic products, while eliminating the thermal, mechanical and reliability concerns that currently challenge the semiconductor industry. For more information about STABLCOR, visit

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DDi is a leading provider of time-critical, technologically advanced, electronics manufacturing services. Headquartered in Anaheim, California, DDi and its subsidiaries offer PCB engineering, fabrication and manufacturing services to leading electronics OEMs and contract manufacturers worldwide from its facilities across North America and with manufacturing partners in Asia.

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