January 23, 2007 14:12 ET

StandWithUs Releases "Israel 101," a 44-Page Booklet on Israel and the Arab-Israel Conflict

LOS ANGELES--(Collegiate Presswire - January 23, 2007) - StandWithUs (SWU), the international Israel education organization, today released "Israel 101," a booklet on Israel and the Arab-Israel conflict. SWU National Director, Roz Rothstein, is "proud to distribute this educational tool worldwide so people concerned about Israel, Palestinians, and the Arab-Israeli conflict have essential information readily available."

ISRAEL 101 is unique because it is not text-heavy, yet provides a complete overview of Israel's history using creative lay-outs and photographs that bring the state's past and present to life in only 44 pages. Simple, easy-to-read charts and graphics summarize basic facts and chronology ranging from the Arab-Israeli wars to terrorism, America and Israel's relationship, the recent Hezbollah war, Israel's
governmental system to Jewish and Palestinian refugees of 1948, and today's hot button issues including the security fence, checkpoints and Intifada. Carefully footnoted, the booklet allows readers to do further research on any topic.

"This booklet empowers students with the necessary tools to counter misinformation about Israel," explains Rebecca Olch, SWU Campus Coordinator. Adds Dani Klein, SWU East Coast Campus Coordinator, "Students we work with in the US, Israel, Europe and Australia repeatedly ask for an easy-to-use primer. ISRAEL 101 is SWU's response to that pressing need."

ISRAEL 101 is available for $1.00 on an order of 25 or more (regular price $2.00).

Students receive 10 free copies as an initial promotion.

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StandWithUs, an international, non-profit Israel advocacy and education organization hosts speakers and conferences, offers website resources and creates brochures and materials widely distributed in universities, libraries, high schools, churches and communities that teach about Israel's current struggles. Based in Los Angeles, SWU has offices in New York, Michigan, San Francisco, Orange County (CA) and Israel. StandWithUs Campus helps college students fight anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias on campuses.

Stand4Facts is a password accessible site that is a database of information on anti-Israel speakers.

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