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June 23, 2010 11:01 ET

Startup Announces Cloud Computing Operating System that Blends Amazon EC2-like Scalability with Private Infrastructure Customization and Control

Nimbula Founded by Former Amazon Executives Who Led Development of EC2

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - June 23, 2010) -  For customers seeking Amazon EC2-like services behind the firewall, Nimbula, a startup founded by former Amazon executives, announced plans to deliver its first product based on a comprehensive cloud computing operating system that efficiently manages on- and off-premises IT resources on customer-controlled infrastructure.

The announcement was made today at GigaOM's Structure 2010 cloud computing conference, where Nimbula was one of eleven finalists debuting at the conference's LaunchPad! session.

Called Nimbula Director, the new product is currently in beta with half a dozen large international customers in the financial services, technology and healthcare industries. A formal product launch is planned for the fall.

According to beta customer Joubert Steyn, Managing Director of Information Technology, Metropolitan Health Group, Nimbula Director is appealing because it promises to enable organizations to use existing infrastructure to rapidly build a highly scalable and flexible cloud in the trusted environment of their own data centers.

"As we explore ways to implement cloud computing, we've evaluated several private cloud solutions and Nimbula is the best one we've tried," said Steyn. "The underlying technology is solid and it performs well. In addition, we've received great support from the Nimbula team. Our engineers really like the technology and the company."

A Comprehensive Cloud Operating System
In his presentation at LaunchPad! today, Chris Pinkham, co-founder and CEO of Nimbula, will introduce the company for the first time publicly and discuss details of the cloud computing operating system that provides the foundation for Nimbula Director. According to Pinkham, "The Nimbula cloud operating system delivers all five key requirements of an enterprise cloud solution: scalability, ease of use, flexibility, reliability and security."

Scalability - The Nimbula cloud operating system is designed for linear scaling from a few up to hundreds of thousands of nodes. This allows an organization to grow, and grow quickly.

Ease of Use - A highly automated, hands-off install requiring minimal configuration or interaction dramatically reduces the complexity of deploying an on-premise cloud. Racks come online automatically in less than 15 minutes. Management of cloud services is largely automated, significantly improving operational efficiency.

Flexibility - The Nimbula cloud operating system supports controlled federation to external private and public clouds like EC2 as needed by the customer during peak times or for specific applications.

Reliability - With no single point of failure, the Nimbula cloud operating system employs sophisticated fail over mechanisms to ensure system integrity and resilience.

Security - A robust and flexible policy based authorization system supporting multi tenancy provides mature and reliable security, and sophisticated cloud management control.

How It Works
The Nimbula cloud operating system abstracts the underlying technology to provide a coherent view of a completely automated virtual data center. Its cloud control software isolates customers from the operational and hardware complexity associated with deploying compute in a static private data center. A RESTful HTTP API provides a simple and comprehensive interface to all aspects of cloud resource control. Cloud resources can also be managed via a command line interface (CLI) and web control panel, built on top of the API.

Beneath the virtual data center abstraction sits a physical layer of storage, network and compute hardware managed by multilayer control software. Nimbula integrates a hypervisor (KVM and/or Xen) with node management software on each node to achieve automated deployment and configuration.

"With the Nimbula cloud operating system, organizations can realize the operational efficiencies of the public cloud without the risk," said Pinkham.

About Nimbula
Founded by the team that developed the industry-leading Amazon EC2, Nimbula delivers a comprehensive cloud operating system that uniquely combines the scalability and operational efficiencies of the public cloud with the control, security and trust of today's most advanced data centers. Nimbula is headquartered in Menlo Park, California and has a development team in South Africa. For more information, visit

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