December 24, 2009 02:00 ET

Statement re Funding and Supply Agreement

                                             DHAIS Plc
                   GBP0.5 million Funding and Supply Agreement with Key Supplier

DHAIS  Plc,  ("DHAIS" or the "Company") a UK leader in the marketing and retailing of hearing  and
mobility  products, announces that it has entered into an additional funding loan and  varied  the
terms  of  its  non  exclusive supply agreement with Danish hearing aid  manufacturer,  Widex  A/S

On  9  December 2008 the Company announced that under an unsecured loan agreement, Widex had  lent
DHAIS  GBP1  million  for  a term of 5 years repayable in full on or before  December  2013.   The
unsecured loan carries an interest rate of 10%, payable annually on the anniversary of the loan.

The  loan  agreement has now been varied to reflect an additional loan of GBP0.3  million  to  the
Company.  GBP0.1  million of these funds has been used to settle interest owed  to  Widex  on  the
original loan.

Widex is one of six major manufacturers of hearing aids in the world.

The  Company also announces that is has procured a further GBP0.2 million loan from Zig Zag  Water
Limited,  a company in which Mark Moss and Amin Kiddy, both directors of DHAIS, have a controlling
interest.  The loan is in addition to the GBP0.5 million lent by Zig Zag Water Limited in December

The  original  loan  from Zig Zag Water Limited was for a period of 5 years, unsecured  and  bears
interest at 11% per annum.  The new loan is on the same terms but has no fixed terms of repayment.

All  of  the above funds will be used as additional working capital and to provide funds  for  the
Company's strategy of expansion and exploitation of high margin revenues.

Mark Moss, Chairman, DHAIS, commented:

"Since our admission to PLUS last year we have made considerable headway towards our goal of being
a  UK  leader  in  the  hearing  and mobility sectors via retail outlets  and  the  marketing  and
distribution of a growing range of value products. Naturally, I am delighted at Widex's continuing
support and ongoing belief in our commercial plans. We hope also that through the additional funds
from Zig Zag Water Ltd, shareholders will recognise the unwavering belief in the future success of
DHAIS by Amin Kiddy and myself supported by the rest of the board.

"Our  marketplace  remains  rich in opportunity for DHAIS and we look  forward  to  2010  and  the
continuing roll-out of our business plan."

24 December 2009


DHAIS Plc                                         029 2066 6888
Amin Kiddy, Finance Director
Haggie Financial LLP                              020 7417 8989
Nicholas Nelson/Kathy Boate

PLUS Advisor:                                     020 7251 3762
Alfred Henry Corporate Finance Ltd
Jon Isaacs/Nick Michaels

The Directors accept responsibility for this announcement.

About DHAIS:

Cardiff-based  DHAIS  has  developed a niche role in the marketing of hearing  aids  and  mobility
products.  The company has grown by acquiring three retail businesses and has also diversified its
marketing  role  into  other consumer health related areas.  DHAIS operates,  via  its  subsidiary
Hearing  Health  and  Mobility Ltd, a chain of 21 retail outlets in Hearing and  Mobility  located
throughout the UK.

DHAIS is a PLUS Markets quoted company.

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