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October 27, 2008 02:00 ET

Statement re Institutional Investment Provides Further Expansion Capital For Secure Fortress


                                          SECURE FORTRESS PLC
            Institutional Investment Provides Further Expansion Capital For Secure Fortress

Secure  Fortress Plc (Tickers: PLUS: SCFP; XETRA: SFK) ("the Company") today announces the  successful
placing  of a £300,000, 9% Secured Convertible Loan Note 21/10/2010 to fund the Company's various  on-
going  growth initiatives.  This capital injection reflects the confidence in the Company's future  of
an  institutional investor which is providing a second round of funding.  The funds were  provided  by
Trafalgar  Capital  Specialized  Investment Fund ("Trafalgar"), the first  European-based  alternative
investment fund focusing on privately negotiated transactions to finance companies quoted on exchanges
in  Europe,  Asia,  North America and the Middle East. Trafalgar has also been issued  with  2,000,000
ordinary shares at par as part of this transaction.

Secure  Fortress  provides secure cabling systems to prevent unauthorised access and  mitigate  cyber-
crime  and cyber-terrorism, the fastest growing threats in the 21st century.  Secure Fortress products
are  targeted at combating these threats to US government agencies such as the Department  of  Defense
and the Department of Homeland Security and to civilian agencies such as the Department of State.  The
Company  works in partnership with some of the world's largest contractors including Lockheed  Martin,
General Dynamics, and Kellogg Brown Root.

Alexandre Clug, Chief Executive of Secure Fortress, said: "With the Company's recent large  contract
wins and a continuously growing bidding pipeline, this repeat investment by Trafalgar provides us with
the necessary working capital to smoothly continue executing on our business plan."

Following  this  transaction  the  Directors are interested in 15,675,402  of  ordinary  shares  which
represent 12.46% of the issued share capital. There are a total of 125,791,335 shares in issue.
The Directors of the issuer accept responsibility for this announcement.

Alexandre Clug, Chief Executive,                 Email:
Duncan Vasey, St Helen's Capital Plc             Tel :  020-7448-5974
Henry L Gewanter, Public Relations               Tel:   020-7489-2028 (Office)  07774-228845 (Mobile)


Secure Fortress Plc

Secure  Fortress is an established, successful, high-growth secure communications company  engaged  in
the  provision  of  services for the protection of vital information systems  for  a  broad  array  of
International  high-profile  institutions  and US clients including  the  US  Department  of  Defense,
Department of State, Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security.

Based  in  London,  the Company's proprietary, next-generation solutions are on  the  front  lines  of
shielding  vital government and corporate interests from cyber-terrorism and cyber-crime, two  of  the
fastest-growing threats to the 21st century's internet-based communications infrastructure.

With  the  proper  government credentials, the Company currently protects each of the named  agencies.
Secure  Fortress has proven itself with more than 200 projects, engineering more than16 million square
feet in select facilities, and expects to further increase market penetration by year-end. The Company
is also developing a cross-border expansion of core skills and products, beginning in Europe.

Secure  Fortress  is  a leading provider of design, installation and maintenance for  "Secure  Modular
Environments,"  which  are  secure  infrastructures that leverage the  latest  business  communication
hardware.  The Company's premier product, Fortress, which utilises an easily-scaleable physical  layer
security  platform, was specifically designed to meet DoD security requirements.  Its patented  design
was  created as a pre-engineered "plug-n-play" optical fiber and shielded cabling system that is  both
more  secure,  less  expensive  and  significantly quicker and easier  to  install  in  high  security

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