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July 06, 2009 02:00 ET

Staveley Head: Electric Powered Vans Is the Way Forward Says the Dept. for Transport

FLINT, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 6, 2009) - Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis has announced a Pounds Sterling 20 million DfT scheme to provide public sector organisations with electric powered vans in order to demonstrate the potential of new technologies for decarbonising road transport. Up to 150 vans will be distributed later this year between six local authority groups across the country and six large public fleets including Royal Mail, HM Revenue and Customs, the Environment Agency and Transport for London.

The vehicles will be closely monitored to assess their carbon reduction potential "in real world conditions." If these early tests prove successful the DfT has plans to extend the programme by providing additional financial support to procure further larger volumes of vehicles in a second phase of the scheme. It is envisaged that something in the order of 500 of these vans will be in operation across the UK within the year.

Mr Adonis said "Greener cars tend to grab all the headlines but emissions from vans have risen by around 40% since 1990. This is something we need to address as part of our carbon reduction strategy for transport. This new DfT programme enables the public sector to lead by example."

A spokesman for Staveley Head, one of the UK's leading courier van insurance providers said "This Government initiative is to be applauded, but I can't help feeling that we are once again seeing a huge amount of taxpayers money recklessly poured into public sector coffers where it will probably be largely wasted. If the DfT were to provide the Pounds Sterling 20million by way of funding for research and development to the private sector companies who are producing these vehicles I feel the taxpayer would get a far better return on the investment."

All-electric vans must have a minimum travel distance of 95 miles and hybrid vehicles must realise a minimum reduction of 10% in CO2 emissions. The DfT statement revealed "The Pounds Sterling 20m low Carbon Vehicle Procurement Programme helps participating public sector organisations meet the additional costs of buying or operating low carbon and all-electric vehicles."

The DfT did not specify the purchase cost of individual vehicles, what trials the test vehicles would be put through or how long it might be before these vans become a viable economic alternative for other road-users.

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