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April 23, 2008 22:51 ET

Stay Positive in Challenging Times, Enhance Creativity, Prosperity With L.A. Success Specialist's Cards

"What we say to ourselves is how we live our lives." -- Sohini Sinha, Divinexpression

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - April 23, 2008) - "I have literally watched my life transform with these cards," says Barry A. Clark, M.A., a professional life coach and owner of Inspirational Coaching for Life. "Since discovering Sohini Sinha's "I AM" decks, I have consistently pulled one card each and every morning and regardless of the news, these positive messages get me off on the right foot."

The 56-card decks were developed by entrepreneur Sohini Sinha, founder and president of Divinexpression, as a handy resource for planting seeds of inspiration, the "I AM" cards -- one to enhance creativity, the other to attract more prosperity and abundance -- help people maintain perspective, stay strong and build optimism. The "I AM Financial Prosperity" cards are an amazing tool for staying positive during these times of economic uncertainty.

"For thousands of years, people have used affirmations to generate positive energy and harness the infinite potential of the universe and the human mind," Ms. Sinha said. World traveler and activist Sinha has seen quite a bit of the world. She was born in the UK to Indian parents, then raised in Zambia and Zimbabwe, Africa. She came to the United States in 1988. Based on her diverse life experiences, Sohini has the ability to see the world from all angles and viewpoints. This gives her the ability to provide products and coaching that are universal. She is able to break down the steps to achieving one's dreams into practical and achievable plans of action -- her commitment is to people living their dreams today!

Ms. Sinha was motivated to create the "I AM" cards while a student at the University of Santa Monica, pursuing a master's degree in spiritual psychology. Committed to creating a world of harmony, joy, and ease, Sinha has written over 500 affirmations to inspire others. With each affirmation beginning with "I AM...," readers can actively create a conscious change, whether it's with their financial situation or personal relationships.

Knowing that others would benefit from the affirmation cards, Ms. Sinha created handmade decks to give to fellow students and friends. As demand for the cards increased, she manufactured them so that many of her clients could give them to their clients and associates, consistently receiving incredible responses to the cards' effectiveness in confirming hope during stressful times.

"My intention was simply to assist people in taking constructive actions in their lives with each affirmation they read silently or spoke aloud," she said. "After hearing story after story of personal growth and change, it hit me that the magic of the "I AM..." cards is already inside each one of us."

Sinha's Divinexpression's "I AM..." card series brings positive energy that builds one's confidence in the future, and help readers deal with pressing global issues in a peaceful and progressive way.

"What's most meaningful to me is that every time I pop a deck into the mail, I imagine that I'm sending out into the world another set of tools that will help someone to take deliberate actions, realize his or her dreams and bring positive energy to everyone they meet -- one affirmation at a time."

About the "I AM" Affirmation Decks:

"I AM Financial Prosperity": Energizing affirmations for fostering financial prosperity and abundance to enrich and inspire.

"I AM Creating with Grace and Ease": Designed for all aspects of the reader's life, this deck helps incorporate positive affirmations at any time of day or night to make every moment special and amazing.

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