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September 20, 2006 12:59 ET

Stores Are Media: BIGresearch's Simultaneous Media Survey Ranks the Influence of In-Store Media on Purchase Decisions

COLUMBUS, OH -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 20, 2006 -- As marketers seek new ways of increasing marketers' ROI by reaching and influencing consumers, In-Store media becomes a viable alternative, according to the latest Simultaneous Media Usage Survey (SIMM VIII) by BIGresearch. BIGresearch surveyed 15,167 consumers in June and July and found product sampling topped the list as the most influential of stored media options, followed by reading product labels and shelf coupons. BIGresearch has been measuring the influence of In-Store media over the last 4 years through SIMM surveys of over 135,000 consumers.

"The store is a medium of communication. Customers consume In-Store media. They are not merely exposed. The old type of marketing was to slip in gross rating points (GRPs) as a surrogate for purchasing. Today consumption of media means the media has relevance and influence on a purchase decision," said Joe Pilotta, VP of Research.

How do each of the following In-Store promotions influence you to buy certain brands or products? (Percent influenced or greatly influenced by media)

In rank order:

In-Store Media                 % Of 18+
--------------                  -------
Product Sample                    52.4%
Product Labels                    43.2%
Shelf Coupons                     39.5%
Special Displays                  35.5%
Store Loyalty/Card                33.1%
Coupon on Register Tape           28.4%
In-Store Events/Contests          28.1%
Parking Lot/Sidewalk Events       18.2%
Floor Graphics                    12.5%
In-Store TV                       10.9%
In-Store Radio                     7.5%
"Even though In-Store TV and Radio trail with only 10.9% and 7.5% of respondents saying they're influenced, it is still very significant when taking that number as part of overall weekly store traffic," said Pilotta.

However, the figures differ when analyzed by BIGresearch's Media Consumption Clusters. BIGresearch developed the clusters while working with Don Schultz and Martin Block of the Medill School at Northwestern University. The clusters categorize consumers into 8 unique clusters using media behavior only:

Independents vs. Active Explorers:

In rank order:

Independents                            Active Explorers
------------                            ----------------
Product Sample               42.6%      Product Sample               66.3%
Read Product Labels          36.8%      Special Displays             50.7%
Shelf Coupons                30.4%      Read Product Labels          50.3%
Store Loyalty/Card           26.1%      Shelf Coupons                49.9%
Special Displays             25.5%      Store Loyalty/Card           44.9%
Coupon on Register Tape      22.4%      In-Store Events/Contests     37.2%
In-Store Events/Contests     20.6%      Coupon on Register Tape      36.8%
Parking Lot/Sidewalk Events  13.2%      Parking Lot/Sidewalk Events  24.2%
Floor Graphics                8.9%      In-Store TV                  18.2%
In-Store TV                   8.2%      Floor Graphics               16.9%
In-Store Radio                5.6%      In-Store Radio               10.6%
The message is clear: one In-Store medium does not fit all. Special Displays rank 2nd with Active Explorers and 5th with Independents. Product labels are 2nd with Independents and 3rd with Active Explorers. The Independents' intensity of influence is lower across the In-Store media in comparison to the average consumer and the Active Explorers.

Understanding how In-Store media are relevant to different clusters needs to be factored into the ROI equation at the very front end of the planning process. The SIMM clusters allow marketers to build ROI into the front end of the planning process.

Measuring the influence of In-Store media upon the decision to purchase brands/products is a key element of the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) Blueprint for Consumer Centric Holistic Measurement. A metric is required to cut across all media, including In-Store, beyond demographics and GRPs. BIGresearch's implementation of the Blueprint cut across 31 different media, linking purchase to the retail channel by media consumption clusters.

Additional information on BIGresearch's Media Consumption Clusters and the WFA Blue Print Solution as well as other BIGresearch samples may be accessed by going to: and clicking on Complimentary Top Line Findings.

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