Strangeloop Networks Inc.

Strangeloop Networks Inc.

November 05, 2007 09:02 ET

Strangeloop Networks Announces General Availability of the AS1000 Application Scaling Appliance for Microsoft ASP.NET And AJAX Applications

Unique Application Acceleration Solution Enhances Performance and Scaling of Web 2.0 Applications, Supporting Web Services and SOA

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA and VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 5, 2007) - MICROSOFT DEVCONNECTIONS - Strangeloop Networks™ Inc., today announced the general availability of its easy-to-deploy Strangeloop ™AS1000 Application Scaling Appliance that accelerates dynamic Web applications and Web services based on Microsoft's ASP.NET framework. The Strangeloop AS1000 appliance is the only acceleration appliance designed specifically to enhance scalability and performance for rich, interactive Web applications, typical of today's SOA deployments.

"The groundswell of enterprises using dynamic languages and SOAs to build Web 2.0 applications face a challenge," said Rebecca Wetzel, an associate with NetForecast. "How can they deliver dynamic ASP.NET and AJAX content and services with the performance that users want? It is good to see the introduction of solutions like Strangeloop's AS1000 to help enterprises meet that challenge."

"We deliver real-time high performance, data intensive, life-saving medical management services to long term care facilities so application responsiveness is paramount to our customers," said Christopher Miller, vice president of product development of Millennium Pharmacy Systems, Inc. "We are very impressed with the performance of the Strangeloop AS1000 and look forward to being able to deliver faster response times to all our users, even those with low-bandwidth access such as nursing homes, helping them achieve a virtually error-free environment, and increase patient safety while reducing cost and liability for our customers."

The Strangeloop AS1000 Application Scaling Appliance sits in-line between the IIS Web servers and the network, and automatically optimizes ASP.NET and AJAX traffic, without requiring changes to the code, the datacenter or the network infrastructure. The Strangeloop AS1000 appliance also offers a new automated Web services caching feature that discovers cacheable Web service responses and caches them, accelerating XML and JSON-based Web services requests. The AS1000 appliance dynamically addresses critical performance factors such as payload, roundtrips, and browser and server compute times resulting in decreased bandwidth requirements, increased transaction capabilities and enhanced user experience.

The Strangeloop AS1000 appliance performance analytics give network managers visibility of the performance their customers are experiencing and the tools to proactively find and resolve performance bottlenecks. Developers therefore spend less time optimizing code, and can focus on building new, feature-rich, value-added applications. Enterprises can reduce the time and cost to deliver ASP.NET applications, avoid trading off features for performance and realize the business and competitive advantages of getting new features and applications to market quickly.

"Performance of ASP.NET and Web services applications is dramatically improved with the AS1000 because it automatically caches Web services, something that programmers used to do in code," said Stephen Forte, chief technology officer and co-Founder of Corzen, Inc., a New York based commercial Economic Indicator service for media companies built entirely in the Microsoft .NET Platform. "The Strangeloop AS1000 helps deliver the promise of SOA by immediately improving the agility and speed of Web applications."

"Our beta customers have painlessly installed the AS1000 into their networks in just twenty minutes and have immediately seen performance gains," said Jonathan Bixby, chief executive officer of Strangeloop. "The number of customers lined up to use our appliance underscores the growing use of dynamic Web 2.0 applications in the marketplace and the need to ensure they perform and scale quickly, easily and efficiently."

Strangeloop will be showcasing the AS1000 appliance at Microsoft DevConnections (booth # 107), at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, November 5-8, 2007 (

About Strangeloop AS10000 Application Scaling Appliance

The Strangeloop AS1000 Appliance is the first application acceleration device to optimize Web applications developed using the Microsoft ASP.NET framework in the network, in real time. The Strangeloop AS1000 Appliance significantly reduces page rendering times, reduces bandwidth requirements and increases server throughput. The Automatic Web Services Caching, Automatic Output Caching and Dynamic Browser Cache Control features implement ASP.NET performance enhancements previously only available through coding. In addition, it offers a ViewState Removal treatment that significantly reduces response and request payloads by storing ViewState in the AS1000 network cache, and allows developers to take advantage of third-party controls and deliver feature-rich, high performance ASP.NET Web applications.

About Strangeloop Networks

Strangeloop Networks accelerates dynamic Web applications with unique, framework-specific solutions that require no changes to software coding or hardware infrastructure and that frees developers to focus on providing enterprises with value-added features. With the Strangeloop AS1000 appliance for Microsoft ASP.NET and AJAX, enterprises dramatically shorten code cycles, improve application performance and throughput, more efficiently use bandwidth, achieve greater return on their investment in information technology (IT) staff and network resources and boost customer satisfaction. Strangeloop is based in Vancouver, B.C.

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