October 05, 2007 12:28 ET

StubHub Approaches Ten Millionth Ticket Sale

One Lucky Buyer and Seller Each to Receive $5,000 StubHub Gift Certificate for Commemorative Transaction

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - October 5, 2007) - StubHub, the fan's ticket marketplace, is pleased to announce that it is quickly approaching its 10 millionth ticket sale since its founding in late 2000. To commemorate this significant upcoming milestone, StubHub will reward both the buyer and seller of the 10 millionth ticket transaction with $5,000 StubHub gift certificates each. These certificates can be used to purchase tickets to any of the tens of thousands of sports, concert, theater or exclusive entertainment events on

In November of 2006, StubHub hit its five millionth ticket milestone with a sale of tickets for Game 2 of the 2006 Major League Baseball World Series in Detroit, Michigan, with both the buyer and seller receiving $5,000 gift certificates from the company. Less than one year later, StubHub will soon double that landmark transaction illustrating the increased acceptance of the secondary market for tickets and the preference of StubHub for both buyers and sellers. StubHub is on such a rapid growth pace that it expects more tickets to transact through the site in 2007 than the combined previous seven years of StubHub's existence.

"We are so pleased that millions of consumers have embraced StubHub as their destination to buy and sell tickets," said Chris Tsakalakis, president of StubHub. "We have worked diligently to provide fans choice and convenience, and to reach this milestone less than 12 months after our 5 millionth ticket sold exemplifies that StubHub is truly the ticket marketplace of all fans."

With the fall sports season in overdrive and popular artists like Van Halen, Bruce Springsteen, and teenage-idol Hannah Montana on tour, the 10 millionth ticket transaction through the StubHub marketplace will likely occur during the first weeks of October. The StubHub team is closely monitoring its ticket counter and will alert the buyer and the seller of their good fortune as soon as possible.

After working diligently on behalf of fans to eliminate the words "sold out" and "no show" from contemporary language, StubHub is proud to celebrate the bringing together of such an amazing number of fans to create so much enjoyment. To get a sense of what this milestone represents, consider:

--  Ten million tickets would sell out every game to be played in this
    year's MLB Playoffs -- 8 Stadiums, 4 Division Series', 2 League
    Championships, 1 World Series -- nearly FIVE TIMES.
--  Ten million tickets would allow the entire population of New York City
    to attend their favorite event all at once.
--  Ten million tickets, if stacked, would make a column about 14,706 feet
    high, more than the height of California's Mount Whitney.

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StubHub is the world's largest ticket marketplace, enabling fans to buy and sell tickets at fair market value to a vast selection of sporting, concert, theater and other live entertainment events, even those that are "sold out." StubHub reinvented the ticket resale market in 2000 and continues to lead through innovation. The company's unique open marketplace, dedicated solely to tickets, provides all fans the choice to buy or sell their tickets in a safe, convenient, and highly reliable environment. All transactions are processed and delivered via StubHub's patent-pending FanNetwork(SM) ticket delivery service, supported by seven-day toll free customer service at 1-866-STUBHUB, and backed by an industry-first FanProtect™ Guarantee. Company partners include and over 30 teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL and NCAA along with numerous media companies including AOL and CBS.

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