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January 21, 2010 15:49 ET

Students Express Charitable Interests Through uBoost Recognition Program

Donations Made via Recognition Program Foster Student Motivation and Philanthropic Values

HONOLULU, HI--(Marketwire - January 21, 2010) - Students often considered as part of the "what's in it for me" generation continue to show signs of generosity while participating in the uBoost student recognition program. Many of the students who receive award points for incremental academic progress are donating their hard earned points to fight hunger, prevent animal cruelty, and protect the environment, instead of redeeming their points for gift cards and iPods.

In 2009, students donated their points to:

--  Sponsor impoverished children in Mali for 300 days through World Vision
--  Reduce their carbon footprint for 61,950 days
--  Helped The Nature Conservancy preserve 83,000 square feet of the Amazon
--  Plant 26,950 food seeds
--  Provide 3,250 days of clean drinking water to families without access
    through Charity Global
--  House abandoned and abused dogs and puppies awaiting ASPCA adoption for
    833 days

"uBoost's mission is to motivate students to achieve in school and for many there is nothing as inspirational as the knowledge that their hard work is truly helping those less fortunate," says John Bower, founder and CEO of uBoost. "Through uBoost's 30 charitable partnerships, we are helping to cultivate in students an intrinsic motivation to learn through their desire to donate to causes they support."

About uBoost

uBoost is an online student motivation platform that provides a system for educators to recognize positive behavior and incremental academic achievement. Working with all age groups, curricula and achievement levels, uBoost partners with publishers, school districts, online schools, tutoring companies and private education companies to design and implement recognition and rewards programs that foster student motivation and encourage parent engagement.

Recognition in the form of award points, performance-based badges, and a coveted spot on achiever leader-boards encourages students to put forth maximum effort. With thousands of rewards choices (from $.01 to $200.00), uBoost is constantly introducing new rewards and contests to keep up with students' changing interests, ensure relevance throughout the school year and provide unique rewards to keep every individual engaged and motivated.

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