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April 16, 2010 02:00 ET

Submission of DAR for 3AEY by CRD

                                                                                              16 April 2010
                                             EDEN RESEARCH PLC
                                           ("Eden" or "Company")

                                     Submission of DAR for 3AEY by CRD

Eden Research plc, a leading UK agrochemical development company, today announces that it has been informed
by  the Chemicals Regulation Directorate ("CRD") that the review of the Draft Assessment Report ("DAR") for
the  Company's lead product, 3AEY, and its three active components, has been completed and submitted to the
European Foods Safety Authority ("EFSA"). The CRD has recommended that Eden undertakes an additional  assay
study  as  some  EU member states may require it for national approval and, in order to expedite  sales  of
Eden's product, this will be done in the next few months.

The  submission  of  the DAR to EFSA triggers a milestone payment of £38,000 by one  of  Eden's  licensees,
Environmental Solutions North Africa Limited, under the licensing agreement.

The completion of the review by CRD is a major step forward in the route to full commercialisation of 3AEY,
a  terpene  based  fungicide. Terpenes are natural compounds which function as defence mechanisms  in  many
plant  groups and are released in response to infection, stress or mechanical injury. Their natural disease
control  has  been  acknowledged for some time, but it is Eden's unique patented encapsulation  process  of
3AEY, which allows the slow release of terpenes, that forms the revolutionary aspect of this treatment. The
specific application covered by the DAR is for the control of the fungal disease, botrytis, in grape vines.

Botrytis  is  a widespread fungal problem that causes "grey mould" on fruits and vegetables, often  arising
late  in  the  growing cycle and leading to the rapid reduction in marketable yield and  lower  quality  of
crops.  Annual worldwide expenditure on fungicides to control botrytis is typically c.$300m.

The  announcement  of  this "green" development is especially important and timely as  the  new  regulatory
controls  on EU pesticides are expected to significantly reduce the already diminished arsenal  of  control
chemicals available to farmers and growers.

Once  the  DAR  is received by EFSA, the process of gaining national registrations for sale  can  commence.
Prior  to full EU approval, individual countries may issue 'provisional approval' for use. Such provisional
approval,  subject  to  the  territory,  would allow sales of 3AEY to  begin  through  Eden's  existing  EU
licensees.  It will also benefit our current licensees in other territories, particularly in  North  Africa
(Environmental Solutions) and East Africa (Lachlan Kenya) where crops are being grown for export to the EU.

Clive Newitt, Managing Director of Eden Research, said:

"The submission of the DAR represents a major milestone in the approval process for our lead product, 3AEY.
This  not  only paves the way for the commercialisation of 3AEY, but also provides a very firm footing  for
the registration of further products from our pipeline as they are based upon the same active substances in
different combinations and ratios.

Our products offer viable alternative methods of controlling damaging pests and diseases which can be fully
incorporated into Integrated Crop Management programmes and thereby minimise future resistance problems."

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