SOURCE: Juniper Research Limited

August 30, 2006 13:22 ET

Subscribers Fuel Growth in Asian-Pacific Mobile Gambling Market as Revenues Rise From $966m to $8.8bn by 2011

HAMPSHIRE, UK -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 30, 2006 -- Total mobile gambling revenues (involving casinos, lotteries and betting) in the Asia-Pacific region are set to rise from $966m in 2006 to $8.8bn come 2011, according to the latest industry report by Juniper Research.

According to Juniper, during this period Asia Pacific will be the largest geographic market, followed by Europe, with North America, South America a considerable way behind.

Asia Pacific and Europe will contribute similar revenues in the next five years -- accommodating a different business mix; and like Asia Pacific, Europe will see a substantial rise in total revenues (value of bets placed) from $950m in 2006 to $7.9bn by 2011. In comparison, North America -- where legislation permits -- will rise from zero revenue in 2006 to over $3.3bn by 2011. South America will grow from $34m to $1.33bn.

Juniper's forecasts factor in a number of potential drivers and constraints. Bruce Gibson, Research Director at Juniper Research states: "Among the advantages of the mobile channel is the impetus provided by the continued and unparalleled growth of the mobile communications subscriber base in Asia Pacific which is forecast to exceed 1.3bn users by 2011." -- An increase that in five years will cater for over 40 per cent of global subscribers.

Juniper also cites the desire to gamble in sectors of the population, the speed of advancing mobile networks and handset technology. Bruce Gibson continues: "Globally revenues are set to rise -- in part -- thanks to the inherent advantages of mobile communications in terms of convenience and pervasiveness."

However the mobile gambling market is perhaps as its nature suggests, difficult to predict. According to Juniper, figures for the adoption of mobile gambling services and ultimately revenue could substantially increase on current forecasts, if more liberal gambling environments are introduced in key regions in the near future.

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