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August 23, 2010 16:25 ET

Summit Underscores High Performance in Schools

Dr. Douglas B. Reeves and Contributing Schools Will Join Education Experts as They Share the Latest Research, Insights, and Practices That Contribute to Reaching 90/90/90 Status

ENGLEWOOD, CO--(Marketwire - August 23, 2010) -  It has been nearly a decade since the original 90/90/90 research began, and since then various school districts have been implementing practices to overcome major challenges, emphasizing the findings relevance even today. However, challenges still exist all across the nation in school districts that are simply not making the 'grade.'

Principal and attendee Sonya Vaden, Klentzman Intermediate School remarked, "A big part of the 90/90/90 Schools™ Summit is confirmation in looking at the use of data that our campus and district was implementing, and it is confirmation that we are going in the right direction. The most exciting part for our team has been to actually sit down and talk about plans for the future."

Starting in September, The Leadership and Learning Center will be hosting five 90/90/90 Schools Summits, to be held throughout the school year. Education experts from around the country will lead this interactive two-day Summit that will provide the latest research on sustainable improvements for the nation's most challenged schools. The Summits will include a key-note from Founder Dr. Douglas B. Reeves -- the author of the original study and a pioneer in research who has authored more than 20 books -- as well as six additional education experts.

The goal of the Summit is to highlight research and replicable practices used by results-driven, high achieving schools. Educators will also learn practical strategies to lead and sustain improvement in times of change. They will hear directly from the administrators of successful 90/90/90 Schools on their 90/90/90 journey, how they overcame their challenges, and the extent of their successes. In addition, educators will learn the keys to better decisions, motivating their team, making the transition a smoother process, and how long it took.

"The 90/90/90 school research is working and is very powerful in its own right. It includes both site visits and analyses of accountability data. The site visits allow The Center to conduct a more specific analysis of instructional practices," stated Dr. Douglas B. Reeves, founder of The Leadership and Learning Center. "In the same manner that the authors of In Search Of Excellence (Peters et al, 1982) identified the common practices of excellent organizations, we sought to identify the extent to which there was a common set of behaviors exhibited by the leaders and teachers in schools with high achievement, high minority enrollment, and high poverty levels. As a result, we found five characteristics that were common to all 90/90/90 schools. These characteristics include: a focus on academic achievement, clear curriculum choices, frequent assessment of student progress and multiple opportunities for improvement, an emphasis on writing, and external scoring."

The two-day Summits will host a large variety of breakout sessions and workshops. Topics will include:

  • Sustaining Improvement through Changes in Leadership
  • High Poverty and High Achievement -- 2010 Case Studies of Success
  • The "Fourth 90" -- The Special Case of High ESL Populations
  • Staff Morale and Motivation -- Maintaining Focus in the Face of Challenge
  • Creating high performing writers 90/90/90 Schools

"These are schools that sustain excellence despite the most significant economic challenges. These are schools and districts that have begun with students behind grade level and literacy and other subjects but they have been able to crack the code. They have closed the equity gap. They have redefined excellence. We are not just talking about students that have passed state tests, we are talking about creating opportunities for students and their families. In all parts of the country -- urban, rural and suburban, we are finding schools that defy the odds," said Reeves.

Educators that are interested in attending the Summit can register online at:

About 90/90/90 Schools
Research conducted on the "90/90/90 Schools" has been particularly instructive in the evaluation of the use of standards and assessment. The research includes four years of test data (1995 through 1998) with students in a variety of school settings, from elementary through high school. The Center's analysis considered data from more than 130,000 students in 228 buildings. The school locations included inner-city urban schools, suburban schools, and rural schools. The student populations ranged from schools whose populations were overwhelmingly poor and/or minority to schools that were largely Anglo and/or economically advantaged.

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