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October 24, 2007 13:51 ET

Sunlawn Reel Push Mowers and GET Green™ and GET Growing™ Lawn Care Products Make Your Gift Giving "Green" This Holiday Season

Green, Sustainable Lawn Care Solutions Keep Growing on Today's Homeowners

FORT COLLINS, CO--(Marketwire - October 24, 2007) - Homeowners and dedicated gardeners alike are embracing natural growing and maintenance practices in record numbers. People everywhere are discovering that "green" lawn care products from Sunlawn and GETMicrosolutions are the perfect compliment to their "green thumb." For those who love their gardens and the planet, Sunlawn and GETMicrosolutions, two of the industry's leaders in environmentally safe, sustainable lawn care and gardening solutions, make the perfect Green holiday gifts.

GET Green™ all natural, organic treatment for a lush, low maintenance lawn

GET Growing™ environmentally friendly, top-to-bottom treatment for a healthy, natural lawn ecosystem

Sunlawn LMM Push Reel Mowers

Sunlawn EM2 Electric Rechargeable Mower

Sunlawn BTE-1 Lawn Trimmer

"Preparing your lawn for winter and next spring is easier with environmentally friendly, sustainable gardening solutions," said Terry Jarvis, inventor of the Sunlawn mower and a pioneer in the push mower industry. "This season, the benefits to your lawn, your wallet and the environment offered by the Sunlawn line of reel push and electric fuel-free mowers makes gift decisions easy."

"GET Growing, GET Green are part of the first-ever line of natural and organic, non-toxic lawn care products designed for environmental friendliness," said Scott Dyer, CEO of GETMicrosolutions. "The researchers at GETMicrosolutions have proven that it is possible to create effective, easy-to-use yard treatments that build better lawns than other fertilizers on the market and are also safe for kids, pets and our planet. Gardeners will welcome GET products as the gift of choice this year."

Lawn care professionals and garden supply retailers concur that Sunlawn has spearheaded the resurgence of human-powered mower technology by giving homeowners a better lawn maintenance experience while reducing their personal impact on the environment. The benefits of using a reel push mower begin with the spinning motion of the blades. The scissor cut produced by Sunlawn's multi-blade system cause minimal disturbance to the natural growth pattern of grass, preserving the lawn's ability to retain moisture and crowd out weeds.

Originally developed in the 1830s, the once-antiquated reel push mower has been completely re-invented by Sunlawn. Each lightweight, technologically advanced Sunlawn model features easy-push 9-inch wheels and flame hardened five or seven blade cutting systems. A patented adjustable height trimming system turns clippings into natural mulch and makes raking a thing of the past.

"The Sunlawn mowers are ideal for grooming a wide spectrum of grasses and actually keep your lawn healthier by returning nutrients to the roots," commented Mr. Jarvis. "Sunlawn owners tell us they see a difference within a month. Then they notice the dividends of a more natural approach to lawn care all year long."

An industry leader in the burgeoning earth-friendly lawn care products industry, GETMicrosolutions produces environmentally sound home and pet care products that are all natural and safe for use in homes with children and animals. Among their innovative offerings are GET Green and GET Growing, both designed for effective and completely non-toxic lawn care.

Developed to reduce the need for watering and avoid the use of fertilizers that contain synthetic nitrogen, GET Green boosts root growth and moisture absorption by harvesting existing nitrogen in the environment, converting it and passing it to the plant naturally. The nitrogen-fixing process removes the potential for runoff and leaching into ground water.

GET Growing's organic, top-to-bottom solution naturally recycles lawn clippings and treats compacted soil, improving the lawn's natural ecosystem. Lawns treated with GET Growing have better grass root structure and require less fertilizer and water because of more efficient use of moisture and nutrients.

"During the process of creating GET Growing and GET Green, we discovered that products that help the earth use its own nutrients are simply a better solution for creating healthy, thriving lawns than harmful chemical fertilizers," said Mr. Dyer. "We're proud that we can provide today's consumer with products that not only work, but are also safe for kids, pets and our planet."

Greening Up this holiday is now easy and the benefits long lasting thanks to Sunlawn Reel Push Mowers and Trimmers and GETMicrosolutions family friendly garden products.

Sunlawn Reel Push Mower and Trimmer

Sunlawn's MM Series Push Mowers, and the full line of electric and manual mowers, trimmer/edger and accessories, are covered by a limited two-year manufacturer's warranty and are available online at and and at ACE Hardware, True Value and other lawn and garden retailers. For more information about Sunlawn, Inc. and other lawn care tips on any season, visit their website at or contact Gillian Christie at 805-962-1347 or via email at

GETMicrosolutions GET Green and GET Growing

GETMicrosolutions' environmentally safe, non-toxic products for home, pet and horse owners are available nationally at lawn care retailers and gardening centers nationally including Wild Oats Markets, Wild Oats Marketplace, Henry's Farmers Market, Sun Harvest and Capers Community Markets. For more information, please visit the company's website at

About GETMicrosolutions

GETMicrosolutions is a Colorado-based company formed in 2005 to produce microbial products for the consumer market. Co-founded by Scott Dyer and Justin Eisenach, GETMicrosolutions is committed to producing products that are effective and environmentally sound to benefit home, pet and horse owners.

For more information about GETMicrosolutions, visit, e-mail or call 1-877-446-4276.

About Sunlawn

Sunlawn was founded in Fort Collins, Colo. by inventor Terry Jarvis in 1997. Beginning with an interest in hand mowers and quieter neighborhoods, Sunlawn has grown to be America's leader in human-powered, environmentally friendly lawn mowers. With help from family and friends and a growing dealer base among hardware and lawn and garden stores, Sunlawn brand mowers have become a growing force on the lawn care scene. As Terry likes to say, "We've flourished just like the lawns of our customers!"

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