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April 19, 2010 12:03 ET

Super Rewards Launches First Integrated Monetization Platform for Online Games and Applications

Virtual Currency Monetization Platform Maximizes Revenue and Optimizes Consumer Experience for Social Game & App Publishers

BURLINGAME, CA--(Marketwire - April 19, 2010) -  Super Rewards, an Adknowledge company and the leader in monetizing virtual currency for online social games, today announced the first platform to fully integrate advertising offers, banners, and direct payment methods into a single monetization solution for social game and application publishers. The improved platform delivers publishers higher earnings per user, improves the consumer experience, and helps publishers acquire new users through its cost-per-installation (CPI) marketplace. Social media advertisers also benefit by receiving more high-quality leads from the platform's ability to deliver more relevant ads based on consumers' behavior and interests.

Power of a Single Solution
While offer walls drive the majority of revenue for most social applications, over 75 percent of users do not visit offer walls and, therefore, are not efficiently monetized (source: Super Rewards internal research). The integrated Super Rewards platform solves this problem by quickly analyzing targeting data to deliver the most effective, relevant blend of monetization solutions. For example, if a consumer consistently signs up for offers, publishers can quickly and easily choose to display fewer or no banners. Conversely, if a consumer frequently clicks on banners, publishers can choose to show fewer or no offers. The net result for publishers is higher earnings per user and a better overall consumer experience.

"This announcement extends our leadership as the most valuable one-stop shop for publishers and advertisers," said Scott Lynn, chief executive officer of Adknowledge. "Now all social media publishers can work with a single solution for all their monetization needs -- be they banners, offers, or direct payments. And all social media advertisers can use BidSystem to receive the highest quality leads on the market today. As the largest ad network on Facebook, we deliver exceptional reach and relevancy for advertisers, and the best monetization solutions for publishers."

By utilizing a single solution, app and game publishers can work with Super Rewards to run more complex monetization programs. For example, banners can be targeted to drive new users from the main application to an offer wall. Since most offer wall visitors return multiple times, this is a powerful way to secure a sustainable revenue stream. In addition, publishers could decide not to show banners to novice users until they're sufficiently engaged in the game. This provides an initial ad-free experience, but allows the possibility to monetize users for the long-term.

The Value of Banners
By integrating banners into an application using the Super Rewards platform, total earnings can rise 15 - 100 percent (or more) above an offer wall-only integration. Since performance varies based on the specific application dynamics, including the level of user engagement and placement of banners, Super Rewards account professionals provide publishers with strategic counsel to maximize earnings while improving user experience. All of the pioneering controls that Super Rewards released to the publisher community continue to work with banners, including the industry's first and most robust content filtering, whitelisting and blacklisting controls. In addition, publishers have a simple, single login to pull ad tags and manage reporting.

User Acquisition
Viral channels are a fantastic means to increase an application's user base, but they are not always enough. The improved Super Rewards platform empowers publishers to participate in a CPI marketplace either by reinvesting a percentage of their earnings or adding additional funds. This eases the friction required to build a successful application and provides a virtuous cycle between user acquisition and monetization.

"I like the fact the Super Rewards platform has banners, offers, and direct payment monetization solutions integrated in a single place," said Humberto Organdivez, CEO of Codebell. "This integration has increased our revenue and new users."

The Super Rewards platform is part of Adknowledge BidSystem 3.0, the self-service auction marketplace that gives advertisers the power to bid for leads from social media (e.g., Facebook games and apps) on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis. BidSystem also enables advertisers to bid for leads from additional traffic channels on a price-per-click (PPC) basis. With millions of consumers playing thousands of games on social networks like Facebook and MySpace each day, Super Rewards generates millions of high-quality leads for hundreds of different advertisers every month.

About Adknowledge
Adknowledge, the largest privately-owned ad network with revenue in excess of $250 million, utilizes powerful predictive technology to connect advertisers with consumers across multiple channels, including Social, Email, and Web Content. Adknowledge has grown to be the largest independent advertiser marketplace focused on high-quality alternatives to traditional search engine advertising. In the past two years, the company has acquired Super Rewards, MIVA, Cubics, Lookery, Mediarun, and Adonomics. Headquartered in Kansas City, Adknowledge has domestic offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Florida, and international offices in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. For more information, visit

About Super Rewards
Super Rewards is a leading provider of monetization solutions for online games and social networks. The Super Rewards "offer wall" delivers highly targeted advertising offers to millions of global Web site and social network users. The platform seeks to maximize revenues for developers while allowing users to earn virtual currency in exchange for signing up for free products or trial offers. For more information, visit

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