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April 15, 2010 03:30 ET

SuperBrands Must Improve Search Visibility

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 15, 2010) - It's no secret that a secondary objective for a large amount of search marketing activity is branding, yet the results show that a lot of well-recognised brands are failing to have a presence online, meaning that the space is occupied by their competitors.

This is highlighted by new research that Epiphany Solutions, Search Marketing Specialists have undertaken, which reviews the current UK list of 'SuperBrands' and explores their visibility within the SEO and PPC landscape. Epiphany have done this by taking their top keywords and analysing where the SuperBrand ranks in the search engines, taking current market share of the search engines into account.

This opens various issues, the most obvious being the ongoing argument as to what constitutes as online branding, or at the very least, what proportion of branding activity organisations should be allocating to specific channels.

The continuing developments in search, such as real-time results or Google's search-wiki, mean that brands are going to have to continue to remain conscious about their visibility and should look to search specialists in order to stay ahead of their competitors. It is clear that a number of the SuperBrands at least are relying far too much on brand-led terms in search, meaning that related keywords are dominated by competitors. 

Epiphany's Director of Search, Andy Heaps, seems to agree: 

"It's not necessarily that big brands are complacent when it comes to search - it's more that the potential of search isn't always understood, so isn't seen as a priority. Brands are also often blinkered by the comfort that comes from brand traffic they receive, that they often neglect the fact that larger exposure is available through more generic search terms."

So, which B2C brand is top of search in the UK, I hear you ask?...


This may be because Easter has just been and gone, but this list is going to be updated on a monthly basis, so it will be interesting to see if they keep the top-spot or are over-taken by another SuperBrand who has significant online presence.

The research has been generated using an automated system, where an algorithm collects and analyses the search visibility of a brand within both paid and natural search, across the three main search engines.

A scoring system then allocates points based on where each of the top 10 keywords ranks in each search engine, taking into account the proportionate market share and traffic volumes of each engine, by weighting the points accordingly.

To view a snap-shot of Thornton's online profile, please visit the following link:


Jake Hird at Econsultancy has commented:

"What sets this method apart from previous attempts is that a very rational approach has been taken, where a combination of brand terms and associated keywords have been used, meaning a much more holistic overview.

More tellingly, it provides a great search performance benchmark for the companies themselves... Furthermore, it also highlights the importance of having a rounded search presence, rather than relying upon the heritage of a brand."

Many of these brands have left huge opportunities open for competitors to gain market share on them. Most brands who aren't out and out market leaders should look to search marketing in order to drive in-roads from the leading brands territories because it is so cost effective. In a crowded market full of very similar competing products, any advantage, regardless of how slight can make a significant difference to sales and essentially, the difference between the market-leader and second place.

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