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April 28, 2008 09:00 ET

Survey Reveals: Mother's Day Is a Catch 22

Tips on How to Make Mom Happy for Under $50

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - April 28, 2008) - Moms are moody when it comes to Mother's Day. Despite the fact that spending for Mother's Day has skyrocketed over the past five years -- up from $96.50 to a whopping $139.14* -- money alone can't show the love. A new survey by leading shopping search site Shopzilla ( reveals that moms don't want expensive gifts (88% say $100 is way too much), but more than six out of ten (63%) moms admit to being disappointed by a bad Mother's Day gift and yet more confusingly, over half (54%) want to secretly be pampered on Mother's Day -- but they won't tell anyone about it!

Mom's Muddled Mother's Day Emotions:

Psychologist Lynn McFarr, Ph.D, Director of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Clinic at The Harbor UCLA Medical Center says, "Although the survey results may look conflicting at first blush, they really aren't. Since mothers are often very attuned to the people around them, they can pick thoughtful gifts without having to be told. Mothers are also often very good at stretching a dollar. So on Mother's Day, they want the same from you; a thoughtful, pampering, yet not too extravagant gift that involves spending time with you. Moms also often want someone else to take the lead on their special day."

Gift-Giving Minefield?

With all of these emotions to consider, pleasing mom on the day invoked to do so has become a gifting challenge. has taken the guess work out of this complicated holiday by simply asking moms what they want and picking gifts accordingly.

Follow these tips to help you score points with mom while keeping your finances in check:

--  Don't Spend Too Much: Over three quarters (76%) of moms think that the
    average person spends too much on Mother's Day. Most moms would like a
    limit of $50, so think frugally.
--  Be Thoughtful: Almost all (98%) of mothers said it's the thought that
    counts, rather than the money spent... so think about her needs.
--  Be There: Again 98% said they would prefer their kids spent more time
    with them on Mother's Day, rather than more money on a gift.
--  Choose Wisely: Nearly half (47%) of mothers think traditional gifts
    such as flowers, spa trips, or restaurant meals are great, but another 48%
    wish that gifts lasted a little longer or that you put some more creativity
    and attention into the gifts. has a Mother's Day Gifts Under $50 boutique with the right type of gifts that follow all the rules and are a pretty safe bet this Mother's Day.

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About the Study:

The study was based on 435 women online shoppers from April 11-14, 2008 conducted by BizRate Research, a Shopzilla company. The sample size has a +/- 1.5% margin of error.

* According to The National Retail Federation, (April 17, 2007)

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