December 05, 2005 09:30 ET

Swanni Names Eva Longoria 'The Sexiest Woman in HDTV'

The High-Definition TV Guru Also Names Mischa Barton, Jennifer Garner and Michelle Rodriguez to the High-Def Hot List

WASHINGTON, DC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 5, 2005 -- Thinking of buying a High-Definition TV for the holidays? If you're a guy, here are 10 great reasons.

Phillip Swann, a.k.a. 'Swanni,' president of, has just named his 10 'Sexiest Women in HDTV.'

Swanni's commentaries on how celebrities look different in crystal-clear HDTV have been featured in hundreds of publications including The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and Inside Edition.

"The high-def picture is so clear that you can see acne scars and aging signs," Swanni says. "Not everyone looks good in HDTV -- so to look sexy, you have to really be hot."

So, who's Swanni's sexiest actress in HDTV?

"Desperate Housewives'" Eva Longoria!

Swanni says: "Longoria is so hot in the HDTV broadcast of 'Desperate Housewives' that she must make her co-stars desperately jealous. Her skin simply glows on the HD screen."

Swanni names Mischa Barton, star of "The O.C.," as the second sexiest woman in HDTV.

In fact, he says Barton recently revealed something that only HDTV viewers could clearly see.

"Mischa reportedly flashed her breast in a recent episode of 'The O.C.' The coming-out party was covered by dark shadows in regular analog TV, but it looked magnificent in high-def," Swanni says.

Completing Swanni's 10 'Sexiest Women in HDTV' list are: 3. Nikki Cox (NBC's "Vegas"); 4. Jennifer Garner (ABC's "Alias"); 5. Alexis Dziena (ABC's "Invasion"); 6. Jennifer Love Hewitt (CBS' "Ghost Whisperer"); 7. Camille Anderson (HDNet's "Get Out!"); 8. Gabrielle Union (ABC's "The Night Stalker"); 9. Vanessa Marcil (NBC's "Vegas"); 10. Michelle Rodriguez (ABC's "Lost").

"In 'Ghost Whisperer,' Jennifer Love Hewitt's character can speak to the dead. But in high-def, I think she might bring a few males back to life," Swanni says.

To see Swanni's 10 Sexiest Women in HDTV, go to:

"HDTVs are now in more than 15 million homes, and sales are growing fast," Swanni says. "HDTV will soon change our view of who's beautiful and who's not."

Phillip Swann is president of, a Web site that tracks the TV technology industry. Swanni has been quoted on TV topics in hundreds of publications and TV and radio shows. To reach Swanni, call 1-703-505-3064 or e-mail:

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