SOURCE: SyNET Electronics Inc.

September 19, 2005 15:00 ET

SyNET Announces Laptop Anti-Theft Software Without Any "Big Brother" Issue

Self-Contained Software Tracks Stolen or Lost Laptops

LITTLE FERRY, NJ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 19, 2005 -- SyNET Electronics, an emerging leader in digital security and networking software solutions for consumers and home and small office environments, announced the release of Laptop ANTI-THEFT, the updated version of its flagship product "nTracker". The company showcased its new product at Interchange 2005 (Beaver Creek, Colorado) during August 10 to 13, 2005. At an affordable price of $29.99, SyNET Laptop ANTI-THEFT installs in any Windows PC laptop easily and quickly, acts as a tracking mechanism for lost or stolen mobile PCs, and also provides encrypted security for all selected data and files.

Once installed, Laptop ANTI-THEFT monitors internally without any "Big Brother" outside oversight, unlike any other similar software solution. After three unauthorized password attempts, Laptop ANTI-THEFT immediately locks the laptop, automatically encrypts data, displays a continuous warning message and sounds an alarm indicating that the machine has been lost or stolen. When the machine connects to the Internet through any connectivity method (dial-up, cable modem, DSL, T1, or wireless), Laptop ANTI-THEFT sends an email containing the IP address location of the machine for retrieval or law enforcement intervention.

At Last, a Simple and Inexpensive Laptop Anti-Theft Solution

"I am very excited about the release of SyNET Laptop ANTI-THEFT available for users of mobile PCs -- particularly laptops -- to track, protect, and finally recover both their expensive devices and the even more valuable information stored on them," said Harry Rhim, CEO and President of SyNET Electronic Inc. "Retailers and distributors are also excited about offering this unique product that uses email as a cost-effective, digital mobile security system to retrieve lost or stolen equipment. SyNET Laptop ANTI-THEFT inexpensively addresses the anti-theft and data security worries that concern most of laptop and mobile PC users. It's like having your very own personal security guard on duty 24/7 right inside your mobile machine."

Currently, laptop computers are outselling desktop PCs. With over a million laptops reported lost or stolen each year, with a retrieval rate of less than 2%, laptop tracking software will play a vital role in the near future. Even the FBI cannot account for their 300 lost laptops according to John Ashcroft during 9-11 Commission Hearing. SyNET Laptop ANTI-THEFT could change those statistics dramatically.

Invisible, Undetectable, Compatible, and Simple to Use

Only the user knows that Laptop ANTI-THEFT is protecting the laptop. The program is totally invisible and is undetectable by any other applications, even by anti-virus protection programs. Fully compatible with all Windows operating systems, SyNET Laptop ANTI-THEFT survives upgrades without the need for reinstallation. Installation takes mere minutes, and is simple and foolproof.

"Today SyNET Laptop ANTI-THEFT is protecting laptops across North America," said Rhim. "We are very excited to announce that, by the end of the year, we will have the capability to protect a great many more mobile devices, including PDAs, hand scanners, and Blackberries. SyNET gives fair warning: thieves of mobile computing devices better find another line of work."

At $29.99 for lifetime protection, SyNET's Laptop ANTI-THEFT is available now for shipping in any quantity directly from the company ( It is now selling at nationwide retail stores such as CompUSA, Microcenter, Fry's, J&R Music World, online store and through Ingram Micro and Navarre, major distributors for all resellers across the US and Canada. By November 2005, Laptop ANTI-THEFT will be available at many of the major retailer stores across the US and Canada and wherever consumer software is sold.

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