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Synodon Inc.

June 25, 2009 08:00 ET

Synodon & Natural Resources Canada Joint Field Trial for Monitoring Arctic Methane Seeps

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - June 25, 2009) - Synodon Inc. ("Synodon") (TSX VENTURE:SYD), is pleased to announce that it has agreed with Natural Resources Canada's Earth Sciences Sector to perform a joint field trial to evaluate realSens™ technology's ability to detect and measure methane seeps from conventional natural gas reservoirs and/or methane hydrate deposits in Arctic environments. This agreement is the next step after the successful completion and review of the deliverables under the evaluation project announced on December 19, 2008.

The agreement encompasses field testing of the realSens™ technology to ascertain its practical feasibility for this application. The tests are scheduled to be completed by the end of September 2009.

Adrian Banica, Synodon President and CEO said, "We are very pleased to have delivered on the first part of the agreement with Natural Resources Canada and are looking forward to the realSens™ field trials in the Arctic. We expect this opportunity to potentially open up a new line of business for regional resource assessment that will allow Synodon to further its efforts to support the production of clean energy and the reduction of GHG emissions."

Researchers at Natural Resources Canada have been studying natural releases of methane gas in the Mackenzie delta area for several years documenting their widespread occurrence and possible association of some seeps with conventional gas fields and gas hydrates which occur beneath a thick permafrost interval. Given that these releases can be difficult to identify by visual observation alone, the development of a technology for detecting natural seepages of methane could result in a useful new tool for Arctic exploration, and ultimately contribute to regional assessments of natural emissions of greenhouse gases.

Interest in natural emissions of methane from Arctic environments has grown in recent years from an environmental perspective and as a possible tool to prospect for conventional gas and also methane hydrate. Methane hydrate is a solid ice-like substance composed of methane gas and water which forms a stable crystalline structure at relatively high pressure and low temperature. Methane hydrates occur naturally in deep water marine environments, and in Arctic regions beneath thick permafrost, and may represent a potential very large long term source of energy. However, methane hydrates may also be a significant natural source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, potentially exacerbating climate warming. Estimates of the global methane hydrates resource vary considerably, but the general consensus is that the energy potential of methane hydrates exceeds that of all other conventional hydrocarbon resources combined. Current estimates for the United States indicate 200,000 tcf of methane as hydrate (compared to 6,395 tcf of conventional natural gas resources worldwide), with annual consumption of natural gas being 22 tcf. Of this, 85 tcf is technically recoverable in the North Slope of Alaska. Observations of naturally occurring gas seeps in areas of known methane hydrate deposits suggest the possibility that significant volumes of GHG may be released from hydrates into the atmosphere. Consequently, this topic is of growing interest to researchers concerned with the potential impact of natural releases of methane on the environment and global climate change.

The development of the realSens™ technology is supported in part by Sustainable Development Technology Canada, an arms-length not-for-profit corporation created by the Government of Canada. Natural Resources Canada and other Government of Canada initiatives have also provided financial support.

Synodon Inc. ( is an Edmonton based technology company which has developed and demonstrated an advanced airborne remote gas sensing system called realSens™, based on technologies developed under the Canadian Space Program and by Synodon scientists. The company will provide gas emissions monitoring and quantification services to a variety of industries, including hydrocarbon (oil and gas), environmental, agricultural and for a variety of gases including methane, ethane and ammonia. The initial focus is on the hydrocarbon industry and in particular the natural gas pipeline sector.

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