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May 26, 2009 17:38 ET

TAMM Oil and Gas Corp. Acquires Additional Manning Acreage Increasing Original Oil in Place to Over 3 Billion Barrels

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - May 26, 2009) - TAMM Oil and Gas Corp. (OTCBB:TAMO) today announced that it has acquired an additional 7,860 Acres of in the Peace River region of Alberta from three private corporations. These new leases increase TAMM's land holdings in the Manning area to over 30,000 acres.

Upon transfer of the title to the leases, TAMM will issue 17,000,000 shares in full consideration.

TAMM has received an engineering report from a qualified independent Petroleum Engineering firm for the determination of heavy oil in place in the first 35 sections (22,400 acres) acquired at Manning. The Report determined that the Mississippian-aged Lower Debolt and Elkton member zones for these lands contain 2.33 billion barrels of Total Original Heavy Oil in Place.

Don Hryhor, Director and Exploration advisor said, "The new lands acquired are contiguous to our lands already owned and have increased our holding in the world class Manning project by 25 percent. These additions make TAMM a dominant player in the region."

"Carbonates are a major factor in the future of the oil industry. Major oil companies in our neighborhood have now proved new recovery technologies, making a significant portion of these prolific resources commercially viable even at these current low commodity prices. The decision to lock up these new resources is an important step in TAMM's continued growth. This has firmly positioned us as a major player in the Alberta Carbonate Triangle which holds 26 percent of the reported 1.7 trillion barrels of oil in place in Alberta."

Visit the Tamm Oil and Gas website at http://www.tammoilandgas.com for more information on our land holdings in the Alberta Carbonate Triangle including a full report by on the new Carbonate revolution. For further information please contact Don Hryhor at (403) 686-1000.


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