November 18, 2009 07:30 ET

TELEHOUSE America's NYIIX Internet Peering Exchange Becomes the Largest and Longest Running Public Peering Point in the New York Market

Linked With TELEHOUSE America's Los Angeles Exchange LAIIX, TELEHOUSE Peering Offers Service Providers a Global Interlink for IX Interconnection

STATEN ISLAND, NY--(Marketwire - November 18, 2009) - TELEHOUSE America (, the United States' leading provider of dedicated data centers, international Internet exchanges and managed IT services, announces that its New York International Internet Exchange public peering platform (NYIIX) remains the longest running and largest public Internet exchange point in the New York metropolitan market. Since its inception in 1996, the NYIIX has been a vital public IP interconnection point for global carriers, ISPs, content providers and enterprise businesses within New York. NYIIX is headquartered at 25 Broadway, TELEHOUSE America's Broadway Center, and provides redundant and diverse direct interconnectivity to and from the 60 Hudson Street and 111 Eighth Avenue carrier hotel facilities.

The NYIIX platform continues to be updated to meet the growing technology requirements of the industry and currently operates Brocade RX series switches. The platform supports IPv4 and IPv6 peering connections and offers standard bilateral peering exchange as well as multilateral peering arrangements. In addition, NYIIX offers private peering over VLAN -- enabling secure private peering or direct bandwidth over the NYIIX. As of October 2009, the NYIIX peering platform has over 120 members and handles over 80 Gbps of traffic, making it the largest public Internet exchange in the New York Metro Market.

In addition to NYIIX, TELEHOUSE America also operates the Los Angeles International Internet Exchange (LAIIX). Launched in 2000, the LAIIX provides public peering interconnectivity via its Layer-2 switch offering connectivity to multiple transit providers. In Los Angeles, the LAIIX provides optimal primary and secondary IP traffic routing options with direct route server access, ensuring highly advanced peering among multiple simultaneous network routes. As one of the oldest private peering points in the Los Angeles market, LAIIX serves as a key IP peering gateway to the Asia-Pacific region.

With the announcement of TELEHOUSE America's Global Interlink services in 2008, the company interconnected its NYIIX and LAIIX platforms and has also made both peering exchanges accessible from any of the 12 Interlink PoPs throughout the world. Global Interlink provides seamless redundant and diverse Ethernet private line connections between multiple carrier hotels throughout the US and Europe.

"With over 120 active members on NYIIX and over 55 members on LAIIX, TELEHOUSE America provides robust public peering connectivity solutions among the most prominent network operators in the industry," commented Akio Sugeno, Sr. Director Business Development, Internet Engineering & Operations for TELEHOUSE America and the founder of both NYIIX and LAIIX. "We are excited to witness the continued growth of our Internet Exchange platforms in both New York and Los Angeles and look forward to extending the NYIIX to 7 Teleport, TELEHOUSE's Teleport Center on Staten Island in the coming months."

Connectivity to the NYIIX and LAIIX is currently available from major carrier hotel facilities throughout the US and Europe, for more information about TELEHOUSE America's public peering solutions and its complete total solutions for data center solutions, colocation, infrastructure management and global communications services, please visit or email

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