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November 09, 2009 12:43 ET

TFC Inc. Completes Corporate Name Change to VeraCentra

VeraCentra Launches First On-Demand Business Intelligence Solution Designed Just for Marketers

NAPA, CA--(Marketwire - November 9, 2009) - TFC Inc. today announced the immediate change of its company name from TFC Inc. to VeraCentra. Effective today, this new corporate identity reflects the company's ability to provide intelligent software and marketing services to help marketers succeed in highly competitive environments.

VeraCentra today also announced the immediate availability of VeraCentra Intelligence, the first on-demand business intelligence (BI) solution designed specifically for marketers, and a primary component of VeraCentra's new on-demand marketing software suite. Comprised of three unique configurations -- VeraCentra Intelligence, VeraCentra Complete and VeraCentra Collaborate -- VeraCentra's on-demand suite provides a fast and affordable analytic solution to help marketers make smarter decisions. The marketing software expands to include a multi-channel platform that enables targeted campaign delivery in any channel. With VeraCentra intelligent solutions, marketers can optimize the ROI of every marketing dollar, retain valuable customers and acquire profitable new customers.

"Marketers who measure the impact of their customer intelligence say that it not only boosts campaign specific metrics, but also improves customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction, as well as revenue, profitability and customer value," wrote Dave Frankland of Forrester Research, Inc. in a recent independent report, "The Intelligent Approach To Customer Intelligence" (October 2009). "Yet, the majority of firms still struggle to fully understand their customers and leverage their customer data as a strategic asset."

"Most companies are not structured in a way to quickly understand and respond to customers. Companies do have plenty of data, but marketers need technology tools to harness their organizational data to gain the insight they need to make fast, smart and cost effective marketing decisions. And as traditional single channel campaigns give way to multi-faceted efforts, marketers must also manage the complexity of executing unique messages to customers in multiple channels," said Connie Hill, President and Founder, VeraCentra. "With the first on-demand business intelligence solution designed just for marketers, coupled with an automated multi-channel communication platform, VeraCentra provides marketers with an affordable solution that leverages data from various systems to achieve actionable insight at a fraction of the cost, time and risk of large enterprise solutions."

After dismissing large enterprise marketing solutions, Costco Wholesale turned to VeraCentra to implement the on-demand intelligence tool to get real time reporting for fast decision making and refinement of Costco's targeting methods. "The inability to make fast decisions significantly reduces campaign performance," said Robert Csonaki, Costco's Marketing Database Manager.

Moreover, the VeraCentra solution enables Costco marketers to slice and dice data in a way that produces new insights that further customer acquisition, retention and up sell initiatives. "The exciting part about implementing VeraCentra, is that we are now able to breathe life into more conceptual ideas," adds Csonaki.

VeraCentra Suite of On-Demand Marketing Software Solutions

Designed to expand as marketing needs evolve and technology adoption rises, VeraCentra's on-demand software portfolio is flexible, easily adaptable and grows with marketers at any pace. This type of approach provides an easy and cost effective road map for companies to follow as their need for greater levels of technology increases.

VeraCentra Intelligence is the cornerstone of VeraCentra's suite. This affordable solution aggregates valuable marketing data across disparate systems into a single data mart for fast analysis that fuels smart decisions. With VeraCentra Intelligence, marketers can quickly identify and predict trends, understand customer behaviors and develop data driven business strategies and decisions. VeraCentra Intelligence includes:

--  Web based tools to analyze, report, and predict trends
--  Customizable charts and dashboards to visualize data
--  Built-in query tools to create business rules, design ongoing reports
    and create dynamic customer and prospect segmentation

VeraCentra Complete combines on-demand marketing intelligence with an on-demand communication delivery platform that increases marketing productivity and improves the customer experience by enabling marketers to immediately act on insights and engage customers. The platform includes marketing asset management, personalization, triggers and business rules designed to produce a relevant communication to each customer. VeraCentra Complete provides marketers with the ability to:

--  Communicate and engage customers with relevancy
--  Integrate multiple execution tools on one platform
--  Create business rules to trigger highly personalized communication and
    execute in any channel automatically

VeraCentra Collaborate is an on-demand marketing intelligence tool and delivery platform designed for decentralized marketing units that communicate with customers on a local or regional level. This configuration allows local and regional users to select data driven, pre-composed campaigns, personalize them for relevancy and execute and measure local campaign performance. VeraCentra Collaborate allows local marketers to leverage the marketing expertise and best practices of the home office, and allows corporate marketers to control brand messages, brand standards and compliance requirements.

The VeraCentra product suite is available immediately to new and current VeraCentra customers. VeraCentra software is offered on an affordable subscription basis and includes full help desk and support, with great emphasis on helping customers implement, adopt and leverage their investment. VeraCentra marketing technologists are also available to consult as needed.

Becoming VeraCentra

Taking meaning from the Latin roots 'veri' and 'centri,' VeraCentra literally translates to 'true center.' The new company name mirrors the firm's commitment to help marketers uncover the truth about the needs and behaviors of their customers, and formulate new customer centric marketing strategies based on customer knowledge.

Hill continued, "Our new name reflects the broader technology offering we can provide our clients and prospects on top of our already proven traditional marketing services. By combining the power of the VeraCentra suite with more than 20 years of multi-channel marketing services experience, we can now offer marketers a complete arsenal of marketing solutions to fuel their customer acquisition and retention strategies."

VeraCentra will continue to offer its full complement of marketing services and does not expect any significant organizational or operational changes associated with the corporate name change.

Headquartered in Napa, California, VeraCentra is trusted by national brand leaders including Costco Wholesale, Intuit Software and Johnson and Johnson. For more information please visit or call (707) 224-6161.

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