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April 21, 2005 07:30 ET


Canada's youth dish on what defines success Attention: Arts/Entertainment Editor, Education Editor, Lifestyle Editor, News Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - April 21, 2005) - With summer just around the corner, young Canadians are hitting the phones and the pavement to land the perfect internship or summer job. To help breathe success into their lives, MuchMusic and Listerine PocketPaks partnered to launch Pick Your Passion, an online forum for Canadian youth to share their thoughts on success. Not surprisingly, Jim Carrey was selected as most successful Canadian and the top pick for dream job: Entertainment Reporter.

"The transition from school to career can be very difficult and it is easy to get caught up in the hype of commercial success. The responses we received were very articulate and insightful - Canada's up-and-comers are very savvy - they are motivated, have solid values and they really know what it takes to succeed" says Ian Armour, Brand Manager, Listerine PocketPaks.

Thousands of Canadian youths logged on during the six-week campaign with responses coming from as far as Nunavut. The results, outlining important outcomes and definitions of success, who they view as the most successful Canadian and top dream jobs, paint a clear picture of how Canada's up-and-comers view success.

So, what defines success? While 89 per cent agree that "happiness" is the most important outcome of success, surprisingly only five per cent think "money" talks and six per cent view a "title" as showcasing making it. But almost all respondents agree that success is an internal measure, not something that can be displayed [though a "diamond watch" and "Balenciaga bag" were noted as marks of making it by a select few]. A "sense of accomplishment" and "satisfaction" also ranked high as definitions of success, rounded out by sentiments of "upward mobility" and "peer recognition."

But how do we get there? Most felt that the corporate ladder was not greased by "appearance" [only 2%], but with a suave sense of "confidence" [85%]. "Intelligence" plays a small part, with only 13 per cent thinking this helps determine success. As the saying goes, there is no second chance to make a first impression, and 83 per cent maintain that bad breath can definitely affect a person's climb up the corporate ladder.

Of the thousands of respondents, two were selected to shadow someone currently in their dream job. Vanessa Charon, 18, of Sudbury, Ontario and Geneviéve Caron, 15, of Laprairie, Quebec will both make their own music debut and share their dream of shadowing a Music Video Director.

How do Canada's youth define success?
• "Being a highly sought-out mentor in your field"
• "Loving what you do so much that it never feels like going to work"
• "Dust on the alarm clock - the freedom to set my own schedule"
• "Going to fancy parties and wearing suits everyday"

Lemony Snickets! Which Canadian Defines Success?
Canadian youth voted Jim Carrey as the most successful Canadian, followed by Céline Dion and Wayne Gretzky. Honorable mentions go to Shania Twain, Avril Lavigne, Terry Fox and Mike Myers.

But before hitting the job market, some respondents might want to pull out their geography textbook: Paris Hilton, Bill Gates and Donald Trump were all voted as most successful Canadians! How unpatriotic!

Top 10 Dream Jobs of Canada's Up-and-Comers:
1. Entertainment Reporter
2. On-Air Personality
3. Fashion Designer
4. Hair and Makeup Professional - Film or Music Video Shoot
5. Music Video Director
6. Big Cheese at MuchMusic/MusiquePlus
7. Record Producer
8. Magazine Editor
9. Game Designer
10. Concert Roadie

Citrus Success:
To assist up-and-comers make a great first impression, Listerine PocketPaks is launching its newest success flavour - Cool Citrus. "We wanted to introduce this product in that way that is meaningful to Canada's youth" says Ian Armour, Brand Manager, Listerine PocketPaks. "When is fresh breath important? All the time, but as a job seeker, it's key."

Completing the flavour family of Cinnamon, Cool Mint and Fresh Burst, Cool Citrus Listerine PocketPaks are transparent, dissolve instantly on the tongue and kill 99.9 per cent of odour-causing bacteria upon contact for 90 minutes. PocketPaks are available in two convenient sizes: 24-strip and a 72-strip Multi-Pak. PocketPaks can be found in oral care aisles and at checkout counters of grocery, convenient and drug stores.

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