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July 19, 2005 11:00 ET


Attention: Books Editor, Lifestyle Editor, Media Editor, News Editor, Travel/Tourism Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - July 19, 2005) - Veteran sailors Paul Howard and Fiona McCall are returning to Toronto Wednesday July 20 after their four-year epic, 40,000-kilometre journey around two Cape Horns.

They will sail into Toronto on their 38-foot catamaran, Carpe Diem, and dock at the south-west corner of York Quay at the Ship´s Prow in front of Queen´s Quay Terminal on Wednesday July 20 at 11 a.m.(mas or minus).

The adventurous pair left Toronto on June 2, 2001, headed down the St. Lawrence Seaway via Labrador to the north-west corner of Iceland where there is a point of land called Horn just south of the Arctic Circle. Their discovery of the Icelandic Horn and Hornvik Bay in an old atlas gave them the idea of sailing from Horn at the Arctic Circle to the better known Cape Horn at the southern tip of South America in Chile.

Their voyage took them from Canada to Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, the Canary Islands, Senegal, the Cape Verde Islands, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. They rounded Cape Horn almost three years after leaving Toronto. During the Southern Hemisphere winter of 2004 they explored anchorages and glaciers along the Beagle Channel.

They left Tierra del Fuego last October for the Falkland Islands, encountering foul weather on the
short 725-kilometre journey. Vicious confused seas left Fiona so acutely seasick and disoriented that she
did not know if she would be able to continue the voyage. Recovering in the Falklands meant avoiding beaches that that had been mined by the Argentines in the 1982 "Conflict" and sheltering from 22 days of gales in November, 2004.

The couple sailed back to Canada in six long and difficult sea passages via Mar del Plata, Agentina; Piriapolis, Uruguay: Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza, Brazil, Bermuda and New York. The longest sea passage was nearly 5,500 kilometres from Fortaleza to Bermuda. From New York they sailed up the Hudson River, transited the Erie Barge Canal and then headed across Lake Ontario.

The McCall Howards are best-known for their 1983/88 75,000 kilometre circumnavigation of the world with their two children Penny and Peter, who were six and four when they set out from Toronto. Their books about sailing around the world, All in the Same Boat(M&S 1988) and Still in the Same Boat (M&S 1990) were best-sellers in Canada.

In TO, the couple hope to find work, put Carpe Diem up or sale, move back into their house, entertain other
sailors over the winter with sea-faring tales - and re-establish themselves with OHIP because their health coverage was cancelled while they were travelling.

/For further information: Contact Paul or Fiona at (After docking in Toronto they are driving straight to Michigan for Paul´s younger brother´s funeral and will not be back in Toronto until July 24. After July 24 they can be called at (416) 531-3434)

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