August 24, 2010 08:00 ET

TYZX Introduces Ruggedized Packaging for G3 Embedded Vision Systems

New All-Weather Packaging Protects Computer Vision Applications in Harsh Outdoor Environments

MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwire - August 24, 2010) - TYZX, the 3D vision technology company, today introduced the G3 Embedded Vision System (EVS) All-Weather series of real-time stereo vision systems. The G3 EVS is a small, fast, rugged, and smart 3D vision system that provides reliable, real-time range data for robots, security systems, and other applications. The All-Weather series features new ruggedized packaging that enables TYZX DeepSea G3 EVSs to be used in harsh outdoor conditions without additional enclosures.

The G3 EVS All-Weather measures just 19cm wide by 15cm deep and 5 cm tall and weighs only 1350 grams. Construction is all-aluminum with a complete anti-corrosion treatment and a durable powder coat exterior finish. The G3's modest 12-watt power consumption eliminates the need for active cooling components. The G3 EVS All-Weather is designed for IP67 compliance.

The All-Weather package supports standard G3 EVS stereo baseline options of 3cm, 6cm, 8cm, and 14cm and lens options of 40º, 62º, or 80º horizontal field-of-view, as well as the Aptina CMOS WVGA imagers (752x480) with full-frame shutter. In all these configurations, the G3 EVS operates at 60 fps and provides applications with real-time, low-latency range data.

The All-Weather series takes advantage of the highly integrated nature of the G3 EVS. All 3D processing, as well as user application processing, occurs within the All-Weather enclosure, minimizing the reliance on external computing resources. The All-Weather series minimizes cabling requirements by supplying both power and data communications over a rugged, IP67-rated Gigabit Ethernet connection. Finally, by eliminating the need for an additional enclosure, the All-Weather series optimizes both volume and weight requirements.

"Unmanned systems depend on highly precise, highly reliable sensors," said Ron Buck, President and CEO of TYZX. "The G3 is well suited for unmanned systems and similar applications, because of its integrated design and its lack of moving parts. Our new All-Weather option intensifies the rugged nature of our sensor with a tough outer shell designed to deal with the elements and harsh treatment in the field."

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