SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

November 09, 2009 14:18 ET

Take Attention Off System Performance

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - November 9, 2009) - Over the years, slowed system performance has been like a murky lens through which IT has had to view every other problem. There are always issues such as network traffic, load balancing and application problems, among many others -- but performance has always been there at the forefront, causing the highest number of help desk calls, emergencies and overtime hours. All other "fires" just got thrown into the mix.

At the bottom of most performance issues is usually file fragmentation. A native issue to operating systems, fragmented files and free space cause slow down performance and shorten hardware life all across an enterprise.

Unfortunately traditional defragmentation methods have wiped that murky lens a bit cleaner, but have left considerable streak marks. Manual defrag means considerable hours spent getting the job done. Scheduled defrag means time put in figuring out when various systems can tolerate downtime for maintenance -- and in between the runs that can be scheduled, fragmentation continues to build and impact performance and reliability.

The only solution that takes IT attention completely off performance as a problem -- wiping that lens clean -- is Diskeeper® automatic defragmentation.

"Diskeeper has extended the life of our storage assets and changed the business focus to storage capacity rather than storage performance," said Jason Lantis, Network Administrator at Loud Technologies in Woodinville, Washington. "That change alone has the pleasant side effect of reducing, if not eliminating altogether, helpdesk requests about system performance."

Utilizing its proprietary InvisiTasking® technology, Diskeeper defragments completely invisibly, in the background, utilizing resources that would be otherwise idle. There is never a negative performance impact on users, scheduling is never required, and performance and reliability are consistently maximized.

"We rely on Diskeeper heavily to maintain disk performance on our SAN and local OS server volumes," Lantis added. "InvisiTasking technology has been a significant enhancement as far as managing system utilization for defragmentation. It is probably one of the biggest reasons why we've begun rolling out the desktop version as well to our XP/Vista machines."

Mike Lamar, Network Administrator at Northwest Mississippi Community College in Senatobia, Mississippi, has had a similar experience. "We have 2 NAS units that we use for daily backups as well as storage," Lamar reported. "Because of the large amount of data going in and out of the units, we were having delays in read/write times. The NAS units are used to store backups and user home folders. When we got Diskeeper, the servers were completely fragmented. Now they are in a much better state and I don't even have to manage them."

Diskeeper defrag allows system personnel to take their attention off performance -- permanently.

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