Take Omega 3

Take Omega 3

June 17, 2010 10:00 ET

Take Omega 3 Should Be the First Choice for Health Conscious Ministers at Westminster

EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 17, 2010) - With almost a hundred newly elected ministers finding their way around the hallowed old halls of Westminster, there will soon be a call for more bike racks in the car park, because if the party leaders are anything to go by, fitness is in. Whether its cycling, jogging or healthy eating, they will be cramming in as much healthy living into their hectic schedules as possible. With the release of Take Omega 3's brand new website, ministers along with everyone else now have access to the webs best source of Omega 3 supplements and information.

Every person young or old, fit or unfit, red or blue should have Omega 3 as a high priority in their health manifesto. This is because we need this essential fatty acid in our diets as we cannot produce it on our own. For a stressed out under pressure MPs, it is essential for their well being, as much as it is for everyone's physical and emotional health. It affects babies and children while they grow, as well as working as an anti-inflammatory and a blood flow lubricant along with helping cardio vascular health. Take Omega 3's new website is a treasure trove of information for this exciting supplement and includes everything you need to know on subjects ranging from using it during pregnancy, to how much we should be consuming.

While Omega 3 is found in fish oils such as mackerel, sardines, pilchards and even walnuts and green vegetables, what should our healthy new ministers look for when buying Omega 3 in supplement form? Take Omega 3 took the decision to label all of its products in a way which helps you to know exactly what you are getting from each of its health supplements. Most other products include the recommended daily intake and other nutritional information on the back of the container. The new website helps to demonstrate how Take Omega 3's products are all clearly labeled with this information on the front. So the consumer can see for example, if each capsule contains 750 mg EPA and 50mg DHA, is an 85% pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 and is a one-per-day capsule. The majority of products currently on the market do not have anywhere near these levels, either in EPA or DHA or indeed that level of concentration which is amongst the highest currently available.

Take Omega 3's products are manufactured entirely in the UK, including the packaging, and all from sustainable sources which adhere to all the highest possible standards of marine conservation. Their site is only one of two licensed by the MHRA for the production and sale of Omega 3 which highlights quite how exceptional standards are in all areas of production with Take Omega 3. The new website includes all the information a minister needs to know about Omega 3 and all products available. With Omega 3 in their arsenal, new ministers will be a step ahead of the crowd.

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