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November 29, 2007 12:55 ET

TalkPoint Releases Flywheel v.1.2, the All-in-One, Podcast and RSS Publishing Tool

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 29, 2007) - TalkPoint, building upon the original version of Flywheel, the personal RSS feed aggregator that was released in June 2007, has announced the introduction of Flywheel v.1.2 today. Flywheel now enables content creators to Create, Host, Distribute, Syndicate and Aggregate their RSS and Podcasts from one Central location.

The June release comprised the Flywheel Distribution & Aggregation tools for consolidating and distributing RSS feeds. Flywheel brought RSS out of one-dimensionality by introducing 'Cogs' -- widgets containing RSS feeds that are laid out across a personal aggregation portal. The Cogs have the ability to be 'cloned' onto any website by pulling the self-generated HTML code from inside the Cog, creating portable RSS.

The latest release introduces the Flywheel Syndication tool, which manages two benefits -- the hosting function and the production function. Flywheel users can upload their own content, ranging from webcasts & podcasts to Word & Excel documents. TalkPoint has accommodated for enclosures and feeds to be hosted on their CDN servers, alongside thousands of high-end audio and video webcasts they have produced for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Initially designed for global businesses to consolidate information locally and redistribute internationally, the Flywheel Syndication tool is now able to help small businesses looking for a self-service option with a global reach. For a company at any point in the enterprise spectrum, it has also become easy to utilize the added value of cloning Cogs carrying images and flash files as sponsor advertising.

The ability to create-your-own feeds, host them, distribute them two-dimensionally and aggregate everything in one place, is a completely unique tool for the content distribution arena. "Our clients were shocked when they realized the simplicity of the entire process," says Nick Balletta, CEO of TalkPoint. He continued, "Flywheel is satisfying a real niche in the online content distribution market. Flywheel users can finally be producers as well as recipients, and TalkPoint is excited to be the front-runners supplying them."

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TalkPoint delivers the tools, technology and services for interactive internet broadcasting. In addition to the Flywheel RSS Syndication-Aggregation Service, TalkPoint specializes in web-based audio and video webcasting solutions. TalkPoint's technology is built on our reliable internally built system, which provides you with the most robust and versatile webcasting solution on the market. The resulting product is both industrial strength and user friendly.

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