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December 03, 2007 10:09 ET

Talking Technologies Releases Music by Phone, Is a Revolutionary New Way to Send a Song, Listen to Your Music Collection, Favorite Radio Station, or Listen to a Live News Broadcast Using ANY TELEPHONE From Anywhere in the World

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - December 3, 2007) - Nettel Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: NTTL) division, Talking Technologies, releases music by phone,

You can now enjoy your favorite music collection all day long no matter where you are or send a song with a special greeting to anyone. makes use of phones that are available just about everywhere in the world, are always on, and don't have to be BOOTED UP.

Whether you are in located Brazil, Africa, Asia, Europe, or in China for the 2008 Olympics, using any telephone you can dial into one of our local access phone numbers located in over 40 countries and listen to thousands of radio stations from all over the world: Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Dance, Classical, and many others. We are currently configuring SingMee to work with many of the online Music Video and Digital Music Services. This feature will also include a built-in directory of internet radio broadcasters containing over 15,000 listings with access to 70 music genres, capable of multiple parallel streaming from an unlimited number of internet radio stations.

In addition, you can also upload your favorite song collection into your SingMee inbox. You can listen to it at any time 24/7 by dialing into a local access number and entering the extension for each song. Songs uploaded in your SingMee inbox are saved as individual, high quality MP3 files, auto-tagged with the Artist, Album, Title and Genre.

Do you have lots of friends and family? Do you have to remember all of their birthdays, anniversaries, or favorite holidays? Let do all the work for you. enables you to make and send musical greeting cards easily using a simple online interface or simply dial into one of our local access numbers located in over 40 countries to send a song or special message to someone special.

Here are some of the Send A Song features:

--  Delivery Method - The current delivery methods are via telephone, e-
    mail, or SMS message to a mobile phone.
--  Original Message - Our system will read the message that is typed in
    this section before playing the song.
--  Translated Message - Our system can automatically convert your
    original language into another language before playing the song.  The
    current languages available are Chinese (simplified and traditional),
    English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. We are
    currently working on other languages.
--  Using only a telephone pad, the recipient can stop, play, rewind,
    pause, forward and perform many other functions.
--  After listening to the song, the recipient can press the #2 key on the
    phone pad to reply to the sender using their own voice. Our system will
    make a call to the sender and replay your message.

SingMee is currently available at no cost to all of our members all over the world. We are currently working with several companies and joint venture partners on the revenue model for SingMee. This will range from advertising, monthly membership fee, and others.

Our next product to be released is MailByPhone.

With MailByPhone, you'll never miss your e-mail again, even if you are traveling to Europe, Asia, or Africa. This program will notify you via SMS or any TELEPHONE when any of your e-mail accounts have mail. No matter where are located, MailByPhone will call your phone and read each message to you in over 12 languages. You can also access your account to send and receive your e-mail by dialing into any local access local access number located in over 40 countries. If you are not next to a telephone, you can also access all of the e-mail accounts in MailByPhone from any web browser.

With MailByPhone, you will never have to click on Send/Receive every 5 minutes. It will work with the following popular e-mail services like POP3, IMAP with Idle (AOL, AIM, Netscape, etc), SMTP, Hotmail, MSN, LiveMail, Yahoo!,, MyWay, Excite,, RediffMail, Juno, NetZero, or your personal POP3 accounts. You can add as many e-mail accounts as you want and manage them in an easy and convenient online interface or via telephone keypad.

MailByPhone allows users to send and receive multilingual e-mail. You can send and reply to your e-mail message entirely by speech. Using any telephone, MailByPhone will read each message in a natural-sounding, understandable voice in over 12 languages. You can even insert a signature, open an attachment dialog, and get a contact's phone or fax number, each with a single voice command.

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