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June 18, 2010 13:01 ET

TapSmack™ Opens Doors for Young Fashion Designers to Sell on World-Wide Scale

With a Fashion Industry Expert Helping Create a Presence

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - June 18, 2010) -  On independent fashion designers who submit their ideas are mentored by a long-time fashion industry expert, whose goal is to encourage the talent that is "waiting for its rightful recognition."

Fashion entrepreneur Swati Kapoor, known for her Indian-fusion fashion, has received over 2,000 responses to her TapSmack offer.

With the outline provided by Swati on TapSmack, designers are free to think creatively of clothing that blends the sensuous and the practical, merging the art of the East to the West. Swati will pay for the designs that she and her design team choose to bring to the marketplace through TapSmack, which then pays the royalties to each.

TapSmack co-founder Sanjeev Thohan explains, "It is no longer necessary for designers to be isolated. They can now be interactive, collaborating with each other from all parts of the world and all ages. A chain of inspiration is the ultimate use of our TapSmack platform."

TapSmack CEO Vagish Kapila adds, "This project is powered by collaboration. The creation of one designer is shared with and inspires other designers. With TapSmack all users share, combine and evolve their resources through this new form of interaction that we call co-creation."

"Using TapSmack's strengths, their international audience, powered by technology, we will create a world that is truly without borders," Swati says. "My years of experience in the fashion design industry, and my business SWATI Couture, will serve as a catalyst in bringing forth a unique clothing line 'The Chic Yogini' -- named for an Indian celestial nymph. This will evolve as a web-based path in the design world, giving up-and-coming designers an opportunity to work with an innovative approach to designing." View Swati Kapoor's Chic Yogini project at

TapSmack founded in 2009 has merged social networking and co-creation enabling collaborative commerce technologies in a global community. This sharing can be for purely social, creative expression, educational or to convert an idea concept into reality. Users can personalize their favorite pair of shoes, create stickers, customized apparel, brand ambassadors. Tapsmack also extends this co-creative platform to include business processes, schools, niche marketing for micro brands, co-creative designs of homes to automobiles, and music. TapSmack enables the individual, brands and/or organizations to create and explore their own identity, creating their own very personal brand name.

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