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April 19, 2010 08:01 ET

Tealeaf Announces Real-Time Customer Experience Management

Tealeaf 8 Introduces Innovative Early Warning System to Identify Customer Struggle and Enable Corrective Action

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - April 19, 2010) -  Tealeaf, the leader in online customer experience management (CEM) software, today announced Tealeaf 8, bringing powerful real-time customer behavior analysis to ebusiness teams. Hundreds of companies utilize Tealeaf's solutions to reduce or eliminate the obstacles their customers encounter. Some of these issues are technical, but many user struggles are not error or problem related at all. The new capabilities take Tealeaf's solutions to the next level, providing real-time awareness and analysis of the broader spectrum of online experience challenges, and enabling ebusiness teams to rapidly and efficiently respond -- optimizing their websites, reducing revenue impact, and recovering and retaining affected customers.

The web has become a primary channel for consumers and businesses alike. Delivering successful online customer experiences is more critical than ever before. For consumers, struggle causes them to abandon transactions and take their business elsewhere. Businesses often are unaware of the online struggles their customers are experiencing and the business impact of these bad experiences is significant:

  • Because competition is only a click away, the revenues from affected users, now and future, are potentially lost and the marketing effort that drove users to the site is wasted.
  • Additionally, the explosive adoption of social networking has empowered consumers to share their experiences with others, potentially exposing any one issue to thousands of other people, impacting future business growth, damaging brand perception, and eroding customer satisfaction scores.

These conditions have made it essential that companies have immediate awareness of online customer issues, and tools with which to respond. Tealeaf 8 addresses these needs by putting powerful new real-time capabilities into the hands of ebusiness teams so they can proactively understand and respond to their customers' experiences.

Tealeaf 8's powerful new business-focused functionality includes:

New: Customer Struggle Scores
Tealeaf 8 measures site experience in real-time by identifying patterns of behavior that signify customer struggle, then compares and scores them against established business baselines.

New: Innovative Early Warning System
Tealeaf 8 leverages algorithmic discovery to automatically surface the highest-impact customer facing issues and display them in a new, real-time Top Movers & Drivers dashboard. This will direct attention to exactly where users are struggling the most at any given moment, enabling businesses to respond to the issues their customers are encountering as they occur, rather than relying on after-the-fact analysis.

New: Pioneering Analysis Workbench for ebusiness
Tealeaf 8 enables deep analysis of customer experience issues and their sources -- including their business impact -- as well as advanced segmentation via a new intuitive, drag-and-drop Dimensional Report Builder designed specifically for ebusiness analysts.

"Giving companies a real-time view of the broad challenges of their online customers, and enabling them to take action immediately, was the driving force behind Tealeaf 8," said John Dawes, Tealeaf's vice president of product management, marketing and strategy. "We are introducing an early warning system of critical experience issues and their frequency, as well as the groundbreaking capability to score customer struggle, pinpoint the source and quantify the business impact. Tealeaf 8 is a true real-time ebusiness analysis engine -- a must-have solution for any organization conducting business online."

"Tealeaf is an essential element in Bluefly's ability to deliver positive customer experiences. We have long relied on Tealeaf for awareness of the issues our customers might encounter," said Matt Raines, vice president of technology, Bluefly. "Tealeaf 8 will give Bluefly the real-time visibility to understand where our customers struggle, quantify the potential business impact, and provide detailed information necessary to quickly implement improvements."

"The dynamics of both ebusiness and the mortgage industry have dramatically changed over the last year or two, and we wanted to be sure that our clients were continuing to receive the high-level experience Quicken Loans is known for," said Matt Cardwell, vice president of marketing, Quicken Loans. "The advent of social media and the resulting ease in which consumers can share experiences -- good or bad -- makes it critical that we are in a position to react and respond as quickly as possible."

"As part of Expedia's, 'Where you book matters' philosophy, we focus intently on optimizing the customer experience so that Expedia continues to provide the easiest way for travelers to shop for and purchase travel. Tealeaf plays a critical part in those efforts by enabling us to understand individual customer experiences in real-time," said Joe Megibow, vice president, global analytics and optimization, Expedia. "With this information, we can intelligently prioritize our efforts and drive meaningful changes in the way our site works."

"The ebusiness market has matured, and rich, real-time insight is more critical than ever before," said Bill Gassman, industry analyst for Gartner, Inc. "Understanding what a user intends to do when on a site, and any struggle they might encounter is critical to drive corrective actions, enable recommendations and trigger targeted responses that improve business results."

"Tealeaf 8 is one of the first enterprise-class products I have seen that is truly taking advantage of the rich stream of data created by web and mobile sites," said Eric T. Peterson, senior partner and founder at Web Analytics Demystified. "Tealeaf's algorithmic approach has the potential to surface critical insights quickly and with fewer resources than are traditionally required -- a huge advantage to resource-constrained organizations."

Market Drivers
A recent survey of online consumer behavior, conducted by Harris Interactive and sponsored by Tealeaf, highlights the importance of a seamless online customer experience:

  • 48 percent of U.S. online adults say they are conducting more online transactions than a year ago because of the current economic climate; and,
  • 8 of 10 users reported they had experienced some sort of problem when attempting to conduct business online.
  • Meanwhile, 32 percent of those who experience issues when conducting transactions online would simply take their business elsewhere (to either an online or offline competitor) or abandon the transaction entirely.

Online adults are also increasingly turning to social media to share their online experiences with others, while simultaneously becoming less likely to alert a company directly -- a shift in consumer behavior which extends the business impact of customer experience issues beyond any single transaction(1).

(1) Overall, the number of consumers who contact a company directly in response to online transaction issues has declined:

  • 26 percent of online adults who experience problems conducting online transactions then posted complaints on a company's website in 2009, versus 32 percent in 2008.
  • 32 percent of online adults contacted a company's call center after encountering problems using the website in 2009, versus 47 percent in 2008.
  • 12 percent of online adults who encountered issues said they shared those experiences via blogs or social networks, twice as many as in 2008.

Tealeaf 8 is commercially available in the second quarter of 2010, as part of the Tealeaf Customer Behavior Analysis Suite. For more information please visit:

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