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January 09, 2008 08:33 ET

Tecplot Inc. Announces the Release of Tecplot RS 2008

New Release Focuses on Improving User Productivity

BELLEVUE, WA--(Marketwire - January 9, 2008) - Tecplot, Inc., the developer of Tecplot data visualization and technical plotting solutions, announces the release of Tecplot RS (Reservoir Simulation) 2008, an integrated plotting tool designed specifically for oil and gas reservoir modeling. Tecplot RS 2008 offers many new tools to enhance user productivity, a new data loader and user-created templates.

First released in 2003, Tecplot RS is the result of collaboration between Tecplot, Inc. and Chevron. The software was developed specifically to meet the needs of reservoir engineers and allows data from multiple sources to be loaded and displayed in plots ranging from XY graphs to complex 3D renderings. Tecplot RS 2008 manages data from multiple reservoir simulation software applications, as well as observed data such as production rates and formation tests.

In Tecplot RS 2008, project file functionality has been improved to provide users with one-step operation to reload all files and style information and return them to plotting and visualizing the results from a reservoir simulation case. The File menu has been modified to allow users to quickly open, save, and create projects. The project files include data and style files; well selection sets; equations used for derived variables; plot display options; multi-frame options; data comparison options; templates; and the details of the last plot created. A data loader enables users to load VIP and NEXUS simulator solutions that have been saved in the VDB database format. The loader allows users to select the desired VDB directory and load the grid solution, plot data, and observed data. This data loader is currently available for 32-bit Windows and Linux systems.

New functionality has also been added that enables users to create templates for specific plot type styles. Users can create a template based on a plot type, selected variables, and various style settings, and then save the template to be recalled in the future. These templates are not data-dependent, but are intended to provide the user with an easier way to recreate a specific plot for any appropriate data file.

According to Don Roberts, Tecplot RS product manager, these new templates should greatly increase user productivity. "The templates are very important because they allow the user to save the style for a specific plot type, which then becomes the standard for future plots," says Roberts. "These templates allow users to set up a bunch of specific plots once, then call back that template and immediately start plotting results. This new feature allows our users to focus on getting results, not on the process."

Tecplot RS 2008 also now offers users interactive plot editing. Users can now double-click on many of the plot style features and automatically pull up the appropriate dialog box to make desired changes. For XY Plots, users can double-click on the line, the axes, or the labels to make edits. For grid plots, users can double-click on the grid, the legend, or the axes. The variable associated with the double-click is automatically selected in the dialog box.

Roberts says interactive plot editing enables users to get their jobs done faster. "Users can double-click on various plot elements and it brings up a dialogue box that lets them change the style associated with that object," says Roberts. "It's just another way to assist the user in more quickly creating plots that look the way they want them to look."

Other significant new features of Tecplot RS 2008 include:

--  Load-on Demand. Designed to minimize the amount of grid data that is
    loaded. This new feature automatically determines the data that is required
    to create the desired plot without user input and then loads the necessary
    variables, minimizing the memory usage and data-loading time.
--  Eclipse Output for Modified Properties. The Property Modifier feature
    now includes an output option for Eclipse formats, which enables users to
    interactively modify grid properties for user-selected regions, and then
    output the results in a format that can be used directly in the input deck
    for subsequent simulation runs.
--  Sorting and Editing of Variables List. An interactive capability has
    been added to let users manage and update the master variables list stored
    in the rsvariables.txt file. Users can sort the list alphabetically and
    limit the display of the list to just those variables loaded from the data
    files. Users can also change the long variable names associated with
    mnemonics and add aliases to relate variables that are loaded from
    different sources. The default style settings for each variable can be
    easily edited.  Finally, users can save the changes to a file at any time.

Pricing: Pricing for an annual network license is $4,000.00. Special consultant and educational pricing is available upon request.

About Tecplot, Inc.: Founded in 1981, privately held Tecplot, Inc. ( delivers visualization software for engineers and scientists to analyze, discover, and communicate results. In 1988, the Bellevue, WA-based company launched Tecplot, its first software product for the scientific visualization market. Since then, Tecplot, Inc. has been applying and influencing the latest advances in visualization technologies and plotting capabilities. With more than 30,000 users worldwide, Tecplot has become the trusted name in data visualization.

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