May 26, 2006 08:05 ET

Television and Cable Series Programs Go Online

NEW YORK, NY--(CCNMatthews - May 26, 2006) - People love television and from the number of shows and channels that span the guide there's no doubt that they can't get enough. Now many of these same people are turning to the Internet to watch series television programs. One company, Oceanic Image Studios, located in New York, has taken the bull by horns and as a result is emerging as a leader in Internet broadcasting by airing full-length series programs online.

"LineTeVe ( is an innovative approach to watching television," explains Chris Bitoye, media producer for Oceanic Image Studios. "People like to do things from the convenience of their computer. Now they can watch a variety of television series shows online. The greatest benefit is that they get to watch the shows when it's convenient for them instead of having to arrange their schedule to be home when shows are on."

For those looking to find television shows to watch online, LineTeVe offers a variety to choose from. Viewers can see series shows covering news highlights, reality shows, comedy, and drama. The process is kept very simple, as viewers just log onto their Web site and can start watching shows. For the viewer that wants greater access to the variety of shows available all they need to do is register and pay a small fee. As an added bonus there is also a multitude of tutorial videos that people can watch to study a subject of their choice. Each of these tutorial videos has been submitted by experts in their field. Having access to these videos easily and quickly helps people master things like making pasta, self defense, arts and crafts, hardware, and gardening.

"Taking classes to learn something can be expensive. Reading a book can often be confusing for many people. That's why these tutorial videos are so great," says Bitoye. "By choosing to watch a video people will see how to do something first hand and will likely gain a better understanding of the topic. Watching our videos seems to be the easiest way to learn a new skill."

Aspiring filmmakers, producers and animators are catching on to this site as well, and for good reason. They have the opportunity to submit their work for the mass market to view. Many people are taking advantage of this opportunity by submitting their film and if it meets the quality standards that Oceanic Image Studios is seeking, then the video is added to the site and the artist is paid for their work.

"We have gotten so much good feedback from viewers that visit our site and watch shows or tutorials," adds Bitoye. "This is definitely catching on as people learn they have more control over choosing what they watch and when they watch it."

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