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November 26, 2007 01:05 ET

TeraRecon Appoints New President

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwire - November 26, 2007) - TeraRecon (, a leader in innovative imaging processing technology and advanced 3D visualization solutions, today announced that its board of directors has appointed Robert James Taylor, Ph.D. as president, effective November 25th, 2007. Dr. Taylor will also continue to serve as the company's chief operating officer. Motoaki Saito, M.D., Ph.D., who has served as president and chief executive officer for the ten years since the company's founding, will remain as CEO and chairman of the board.

Motoaki Saito said, "It is such a great pleasure to announce today that the role of president will be assumed by Robert Taylor. The board of directors tremendously appreciates Robert's full commitment and significant contribution to the company's growth during his 6 years in the TeraRecon management team, which has led to the board's unanimous consent for this decision. Robert joined TeraRecon in February 2001 as executive vice president, with the initial responsibility of leading the company's advanced visualization operations, under the brand 'Aquarius.' He immediately showed his phenomenal talent and turned it into the most successful business in the company today. He played a critically important individual role in this business development as an intelligent, sophisticated and impassioned leader from the first day of Aquarius operations. In November 2001, he was promoted with the additional role of chief operating officer, and has, in the 6 years since then, managed the complex operations of TeraRecon perfectly. After celebrating our company's 10th anniversary and seeing under his leadership the successful launch of 'Aquarius iNtuition,' a truly revolutionary new generation of advanced visualization, I decided to concentrate my own time on more visionary, conceptual and strategic issues for the company, while recommending Robert to be my successor as president. I believe without any doubt, in his new and appropriate role as president and COO, Robert will lead and contribute more than ever in creating the next great chapter in TeraRecon's history."

Robert Taylor said, "It is unquestionably a great honor to be selected by the board with such strong support and confidence. Motoaki has without question created a truly unique company in TeraRecon, and as I reflect on the order of magnitude in growth TeraRecon has experienced over recent years, I cannot think of another environment where so much could be achieved in such a short time, with so much potential yet to be realized. I consider myself now tasked with the mission to enable this team of passionate and talented individuals to realize all that potential, and in parallel, to prepare for all tomorrow's opportunities. Here as we embark on the 2007 Radiological Society of North America meeting, I am more excited than ever before, as we unveil Aquarius iNtuition, the fruit of over two years of innovation, invention and reinvention conducted by the most talented and resourceful engineering and design team I have ever had the privilege to work with. Perhaps only once in a decade, or longer, do we have the opportunity to rebuild a solution from the ground up, learning from all the mistakes of the past, and taking advantage of all the innovative technologies now available. This is what makes Aquarius iNtuition truly state-of-the-art, and in my opinion, without comparison in this industry. With this vote of confidence from Motoaki and the board of directors for whom I have nothing but the deepest respect and admiration, I am eager to get to work on the important mission of another order of magnitude of growth for TeraRecon."

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TeraRecon Inc., a leader in advanced volumetric visualization and 3D image processing techniques, provides imaging systems for medical and other visualization applications based on its unique and patented image processing technologies. A three-time winner of Frost and Sullivan Awards, the company has developed a leading portfolio of products that advance the performance, quality, functionality, and integration of image processing and advanced visualization. Founded in 1997, TeraRecon has developed a unique family of powerful processors that are used in its advanced visualization and image processing solutions. TeraRecon is a fast-growing, privately held company with headquarters in San Mateo, CA, and branch offices in Concord, MA, Tokyo, Japan, Osaka, Japan, and Trondheim, Norway.

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