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December 03, 2007 20:15 ET

TeraRecon Innovates Workflow With iNtuition at RSNA 2007

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwire - December 3, 2007) - TeraRecon (, a leader in image processing technology and advanced 3D visualization solutions, today announced the innovative new workflow technologies "Workflow Templates" and "Workflow Scenes," part of the company's Aquarius iNtuition platform, that represent a paradigm shift in advanced visualization workflow.

TeraRecon president, Robert Taylor, Ph.D., said, "With iNtuition, we have introduced an entirely new workflow concept which brings advanced visualization to a new level of efficiency and simplicity, and judging by the reactions we received at the RSNA meeting, TeraRecon may have achieved a breakthrough similar in magnitude to the introduction of client-server advanced visualization in 2001 that the company is already well-known for. Aquarius iNtuition combines many concepts to ensure that the physician's time is focused on interpretation or therapy planning, in the most effective manner possible with the technology available today."

"As a first step, highly intelligent pre-processing algorithms identify the nature of each examination received by the server, without relying on DICOM headers which can contain typographical errors or other issues. Then, the system automatically performs relevant pre-processing steps, such as labeling anatomy and detecting appropriate centerlines, using optimized algorithms selected for the specific anatomy being processed."

"The results of this preprocessing are stored as 'Scene' files, which allow the new Aquarius iNtuition client software to present to the user a tailored 'Workflow Template' for each case. This Workflow Template includes a sequence of user-customizable steps which can be tailored to match a physician's individual reading style and preferences. The Workflow Template can be followed to read the case, or in the case of a 3D Lab or technologist, to prepare it for physician interpretation. The complete package of any one user's review of a case is stored in a single 'Workflow Scene' which can be accessed by the next person along the imaging pathway, including, if desired, referring physicians and even patients. Since all this is performed on the Aquarius iNtuition client, a thin-client software application that has a toolset as powerful as a 3D workstation, we can deliver a workflow of collaboration and efficiency without parallel in the industry, to virtually any computer in the healthcare enterprise."

The powerful workstation-class Aquarius iNtuition Client can be integrated with all of TeraRecon's PACS partners without any additional engineering requirement, since it shares a common application programming interface with the existing AquariusNET Thin Client software. Aquarius iNtuition offers the most powerful and fully-featured 3D advanced visualization solution that can be integrated into a PACS environment.

To further enhance the systems scalability, TeraRecon has also introduced a new clustering technology to enable multiple individual AquariusNET servers to behave as one large "virtual server." This technology is deployable across multiple sites such that each hospital in a group can have a local server deployment while still retaining easy and transparent access to images on servers in any other hospital in the system. It also allows advanced software license assets to be floated across the entire health system for optimum return on investment.

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