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ExPretio Technologies

August 05, 2008 07:30 ET

Thalys International Turns to ExPretio to Revamp its Revenue Optimization System

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Aug. 5, 2008) - Thalys International has entered into a long-term agreement with ExPretio Technologies to license ExPretio's new generation revenue optimization system. The system, which has been successfully implemented recently, is responsible for dynamically optimizing seat inventory controls over Thalys's network of high-speed railway lines. Thalys International, a European consortium established in Brussels, Belgium, is the property of Societe nationale des chemins de fer francais (SNCF), of Societe nationale des chemins de fer belges (SNCB) and of the German state railways, Deutsche Bahn AG, and is in partnership with the Nederlandse Spoorwegen N.V., the Netherlands' national railway operator. Thalys offers commercial services covering four countries, namely France, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands, and its main markets link together major European cities such as Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne.

During the spring of 2007, ExPretio successfully completed a series of tests for Thalys in order to demonstrate the benefits of using their revenue optimization tools. The tool devised by ExPretio established optimal inventory allocations while taking into consideration-in real-time-not only competitors' pricing, but also Thalys customers' perception of the service's value, as well as their purchasing habits and choice behaviour.

"Integrating notions of competitor pricing and customer purchasing behavior is a novel and very promising approach to revenue optimization and inventory control," observes Dr. Jean-Philippe Cote, Chief Technology Officer at ExPretio. "To our knowledge, Thalys will now benefit from one of the most advanced revenue optimization systems commercially available today, when it comes to efficiently modelling customer demand and choice behaviour patterns. This is particularly important in Thalys' commercial environment, as it offers a high number of links to its passengers (up to 30 per day on the most important markets), together with well-defined and differentiated families of fare products. Because of the number of alternatives available to the customer, classical revenue management approaches based on independent demand models demand simply do not work in that context."

"Deregulation and privatization continue to drive competitiveness among high-speed train operators in Europe," added Daniel Mc Innis, President of ExPretio. "This forces them to react and become proactive, as they must deal with market conditions that are as dynamic and volatile as those in the airline industry. We are therefore happy to join forces with Thalys International to help them in this regard, and are confident that our contribution will allow them to maintain a dominant market position."

"We are confident that ExPretio's technology will allows us to accelerate the modal shift from air to rail passenger transportation, especially once our new high-speed lines towards Amsterdam and Cologne will become operational," said Jean-Michel Dancoisne, CEO of Thalys International. "We greatly appreciate ExPretio's fast response and timely delivery, which will allow our yield-management team to become familiar prior to inaugurating the new lines, and also allow Thalys to implement shortly a new, more flexible, pricing structure for all of its rail lines."

About ExPretio Technologies

ExPretio Technologies is a privately-owned company based in Montreal (Canada) that provides state of the art customized high-performance revenue and pricing optimization solutions. Relying on the most recent technological breakthroughs, ExPretio offers licensed solutions in optimal inventory control, demand forecasting, and optimal pricing, as well as consulting services ranging from analysis in specific areas, to comprehensive strategic planning. Unlike traditional pricing and revenue management systems, ExPretio's technology allows clients to explicitly take into account their customers' purchasing behaviour, their competitors' reaction, and longer-term strategic objectives.

About Thalys International

To date, over 62 million passengers have already been carried between Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne. Thanks to Thalys, it is possible to travel without a paper ticket, using the Ticketless service. From the end of 2008, Thalys will take you in 3:13 from Paris to Amsterdam and in 1:46 from Brussels to Amsterdam. Mid 2009 Thalys will take you in 3:14 from Paris to Cologne and in 1:47 from Brussels to Cologne. Visit www.thalys.com for details of our offers and those of our partners and to find out about current affairs at Thalys. New: http://thalys.mobi, the site dedicated to mobile Internet users. Thalys is a product of the SNCB, SNCF, DB AG and NS.

Thalys is member:

- of Railteam, cooperation between Europe's leading high-speed rail operators

- of the CER (Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies) and of the UIC (International Union of Railways)

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