The Community Against Preventable Injuries

The Community Against Preventable Injuries

January 19, 2010 09:30 ET

The Community Against Preventable Injuries: You Probably Won't Need a Helmet Today

Helmets credited with 60 per cent reduction in head injuries among snowboarders and skiers

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Jan. 19, 2010) - Although close to 1,000 skiers and snowboarders require hospitalization from injuries annually, carving it up and having fun on the mountains doesn't have to be dangerous.

"British Columbia is a winter wonderland that provides exciting opportunities for skiers and snowboarders," says Dr. Ian Pike, spokesperson for The Community Against Preventable Injuries. "Unfortunately, in this excitement we tend to overlook the inherent risks involved. This could lead to serious injuries, including head trauma, concussions, spinal-cord injuries, and even death."

Traumatic head injury is the leading cause of death for skiers and snowboarders. The impact of head injury can be permanent, leading to life-altering or even fatal effects, but there are ways to reduce the risk of these serious injuries. Research shows that wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of a head injury by 60 per cent.

"It's often the risks that we don't see that result in serious injuries. The key is to understand the risks involved, and take appropriate safety measures. Consider wearing a helmet approved for skiing and snowboarding, controlling your speed on the slopes, and staying within your limitations to ensure safety," says Pike.

"Injuries don't just happen – they are mostly caused by our own attitudes and behaviours, however inadvertently – and they can happen to anyone, from a beginner to a professional."

The Community is working with Mt. Seymour Ski Resort on a thought-provoking awareness campaign to bring the safety message to the North Shore. A snow team representing The Community will be on Mt. Seymour talking to skiers and snowboarders about the importance of protective gear.

Team members can be recognized by their branded ski jackets and customized snowboards that display the message: "You probably won't need a helmet today." The goal is to encourage skiers and snowboarders to think about their attitudes towards wearing safety gear.

"Mt. Seymour supports the Canadian Ski Council in recommending helmet use. We encourage all our staff and guests to wear helmets and educate themselves about the benefits and limitations of helmet use," said Jonathan Mosley, director of Mt. Seymour Ski Resort's ski and snowboard school.

"In addition to wearing the appropriate protective equipment, we also remind guests about their responsibilities to themselves and others while on the mountain." is brought to you by The Community. It is a grassroots organization established to raise awareness, transform attitudes and behaviours, and ultimately drive down the number and severity of preventable injuries in B.C.

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