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October 16, 2007 19:32 ET

The End to the Laci Peterson Mystery

Scott Peterson Finally Confesses

DALLAS, TX and DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - October 16, 2007) - Unique, inspiring, and dramatic, "'I'm Sorry I Lied to You,' the Confession of Scott Peterson," by Donna Thomas, is a literary sojourn into the dark and disturbing world of Scott Peterson's life on California's Death Row. Based on the infamous brutal murder of Laci Peterson and her unborn son, Conner, "'I'm Sorry I Lied to You,' the Confession of Scott Peterson," reexamines the evidence, the speculation, and the major players of one of America's most heinous murders. Publication date is set for December 15, 2007; wherein, Thomas, a well-known anti-death penalty advocate, details her personal visits to Scott Peterson on San Quentin's death row and describes that fateful day when Scott confessed to her.

Although many books have been written about the Peterson case, this author's work is unique in that it examines the detailed workings of the mind of Scott Peterson firsthand. Vilified by the press, the family of the victim, and various other literary entrepreneurs, Scott Peterson is seen by Thomas as an individual who although convicted of the capital offense of murder is still a human being.

Donna Thomas exposes certain aspects of the events, characters, and circumstances that were not highly published during the investigation, arrest, and trial. She also questions the motivation and competence of some of the participants. These ideas alone are a source of necessary checks and balances in an already overtaxed criminal justice system. Also, questions are raised in this true crime literary piece as to whether Scott Peterson did or did not receive a fair trial.

One question that Donna Thomas does not raise is the matter of Scott Peterson's innocence. Although in the beginning she believed Peterson was innocent, it is the brutal and graphic confession while visiting Scott in San Quentin that changed the course of her investigation, Donna's relationship with Peterson, and altered her emotional and spiritual essence forever. The passages detailing this aspect are brutally shocking and without remorse.

"'I'm Sorry I Lied to You,' the Confession of Scott Peterson" will take you to a literary dimension seldom experienced within the realm of modern reading. Donna Thomas' legal expertise and humanistic endeavors create an atmosphere of suspense unequaled in any previous writing on the subject. Her visits to San Quentin are accentuated with sights and sounds of a world seldom seen and contain some well-known death row inmates of equal or greater infamy. Inside this secret insight into the mind of a man still being talked about today, you will also find photographs never before published.

Ms. Thomas continues to work on cases of people wrongly accused all over the country, she maintains residences in several cities.

"'I'm Sorry I Lied to You,' the Confession of Scott Peterson":
Author: Donna Thomas
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