SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

May 04, 2010 14:08 ET

The Essential Fully Automatic Fragmentation Prevention

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - May 4, 2010) -  If you question any system administrator as to "vital" software applications or utilities, you're likely to get any number of answers. You're likely to also find some commonalities, though, such as anti-virus, firewall, backup and defragmentation. But in the case of defrag, the defragmentation technology being used is a key factor -- one that bears examination by any enterprise.

File fragmentation occurs on all computers. Invented to better utilize disk space, fragmentation breaks files into pieces (fragments). While the disk space is indeed better utilized, a serious problem is entered in due to the multiple extra I/Os required to access all the fragments of a file. Performance is drastically affected, hard drive life is shortened by a third to half, and system reliability can also come into question.

For many years, the common defragmentation solution has been scheduled defragmentation; at times when a system isn't in use, defragmentation could be scheduled to run. In today's computing environment, however, with its enormous files and huge disk drive capacities, scheduled defrag is no longer able to keep up with the fragmentation rates.

The most effective method of dealing with file fragmentation is automatically preventing it altogether -- which Diskeeper® 2010 performance software, utilizing its proprietary IntelliWrite technology, was designed to do.

Utilizing IntelliWrite technology, a new revolutionary breakthrough, Diskeeper intelligently writes files to the disk to prevent up to 85 percent of fragmentation from occurring. Coupled with Diskeeper superior defragmentation technology, Diskeeper delivers a complete performance solution for every Windows system at every site.

In today's computing environments with their constant access and frantic rates of fragmentation, Diskeeper fragmentation prevention solution really is indispensable to constant uptime and performance.

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