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The Government of Canada

December 16, 2009 08:00 ET

The Great Giveaway....Good News for Manufacturers in SW Ontario

Manufacturing companies in Southwestern Ontario may be eligible for a grant of up to $50,000 to support workforce training and innovation

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 16, 2009) - Hundreds of manufacturers in Southwestern Ontario are being given an opportunity to provide workforce training and development they would otherwise not be able to afford.

The Yves Landry Foundation, with funding from the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, is offering grants of up to $50,000 to manufacturers in Southwestern Ontario to pay for training that supports innovation.

"The AIME Initiative (Achieving Innovation and Manufacturing Excellence), which was founded in 2008 with support from the Government of Ontario, has been such a success," says Karyn Brearley, Executive Director of the Yves Landry Foundation. "We are now pleased to launch the second phase and continue this program, thanks to the assistance of the Government of Canada."

"We have been seeing remarkable and tangible results from companies that have already received financial support," adds Brearley. "Companies report dramatic improvements in operations, workforce morale, product innovation and management confidence among other things."

Eligible projects:

1. Focus on training to support the adaptation of new technology, processes or procedures or any change within the company to support innovation.

2. Provide training that will support and develop highly skilled personnel in any area that leads to innovation. This can include the development of new engineering skills, training in the use of new software, hardware or other tools necessary to support innovation, retraining to embrace new technologies, new manufacturing methods, or any other business area that will make a manufacturing company in Southwestern Ontario more competitive in the Global marketplace.

Eligible applicants:

Funding is open to all Ontario manufacturing companies in Southwestern Ontario that meet the following requirements.

- Between 15-1500 employees

- In business consecutively in Ontario for at least 3 years or can demonstrate a solid financial footing

- Manufacturing facility or facilities located in SW Ontario

- Manufacture a specific product for sale in Ontario or elsewhere

The deadline for grant applications is January 15, 2010. Companies that would like more information about the program should contact the Program Manager at 416-620-5464 or visit the web site at www.yveslandryfoundation.com, for program details.

A recent Success Story: Skodt Barrett Foods - Mississauga

Skodt Barrett Foods- Mississauga. Turning Jams & Jellies into Hot prospects.

The company wanted to implement a new European process in manufacturing called Hot Pouching and would be the first in Canada to do so. It would reduce shipping costs, provide a more flexible cooking process and provide a significant lead on their competitors. While they were considering whether to invest $2 million to buy the equipment, they didn't feel comfortable enough about the new technology without the necessary training. A grant for a $5,000 four-day training program in Florida made all the difference. The training program made it easier for the company to move ahead more quickly, without the usual on the job trail and error.

Training has become an ongoing way of doing business at Skjodt Barrett. In addition to the company's intranet that is used for updates and learning by employees, the company runs an internal school for staff to attend at regular intervals. The company's commitment to continuous skills upgrading is key to maintaining its leadership position in the industry and the incentive that has been provided through the AIME program has reinforced that commitment.

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About the Yves Landry Foundation

The Yves Landry Foundation, which is administering the program, is a leading proponent of workforce education for Ontario's manufacturing sector. It provides the opportunity for business, education and government to collectively be part of the solution to advance technological education and sills training in order to resolve the skilled labour shortages facing Canadian industries. Founded in l996, The Foundation is based on the vision, principles and hopes of the late Yves Landry, Chairman and CEO of Chrysler Canada Ltd., from l990-1998. (www.yveslandryfoundation.com)

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